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Stun gun dare brings suspension for Unicoi County auxiliary deputy

October 18th, 2011 9:37 pm by Brad Hicks

Stun gun dare brings suspension for Unicoi County auxiliary deputy

ERWIN — An auxiliary deputy was suspended by the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department Monday for an alleged incident in which the officer used a stun gun on another man after being dared to do so.
Bobby Scalf, 61, 125 Haun Road, was charged with aggravated assault by the Erwin Police Department. Scalf, a reserve officer with the UCSD, was served with a criminal summons by the police department on Friday, the same day the alleged incident occurred.
According to an affidavit written by EPD Officer Todd Wilcox, Robert Paul Adams II of the Unicoi Volunteer Fire Department told the officer that Scalf had used the stun gun on his left buttock during the fall festival going on at the Center on Aging and Health.
“Mr. Adams stated that he was with his fire department at the festival talking to three individuals when Bobby Scalf walked behind him and tased him on his left butt cheek with a taser,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Adams stated that it hurt so bad that it made his knees buckle and go speechless. Mr. Adams stated that Bobby Scalf was laughing about it.”
The affidavit further said Adams told officers that when he asked Scalf why he had committed the act, Scalf stated that someone had dared him to.
Adams said that his left buttock was still hurting a while later, leading him to report the incident to the EPD, the affidavit states. The affidavit stated Adams showed Wilcox where he was allegedly shocked, and the officer observed “two swollen circular shaped places on Mr. Adams’ left butt cheek. There was also redness around the area.”
UCSD Administrative Assistant Robie Sullins said Scalf has been suspended from his duties pending the outcome of court proceedings. Sullins also said the stun gun allegedly used by Scalf was one he had purchased and carried himself and it had not been issued to him by the UCSD.
“He wasn’t certified with it, it wasn’t anything issued by the department,” Sullins said.
Sullins said UCSD officials feel it was not Scalf’s intent to harm Adams.
Scalf is scheduled to appear in Unicoi County Sessions Court on Nov. 3.

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