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Community park could benefit Carter County

September 16th, 2011 8:34 am by Staff Report

Officials are discussing the creation of a second community park in Carter County. The idea of another public park is certainly one worth pursuing. It’s hard to argue there isn’t a need for another park in Carter County.
Having another park like the one in Roan Mountain would be a perk for county residents. Agreeing on where it should go, however, could be the sticking point.
As Elizabethton Bureau Chief John Thompson reported this week, Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey has asked county Board of Education members to consider deeding a parcel of property less than an acre located across the road from Hampton High School to the county. The county would like to place a few picnic tables on the site.
School Board member Daniel Holder said he was afraid the proximity of the proposed park to the high school would make it a place to “hang out.” That’s what a park should be — a place for friends to gather.
Of course, we realize that Holder is concerned that the hanging out going on at the proposed park might not be entirely wholesome. Frankly, this could be cited as a concern at any park. We hope Carter County officials won’t let this one concern derail what is a very worthy idea.

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