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Give someone gift of life through organ donation

August 15th, 2011 7:53 am by Staff Report

“You can’t take it with you.”
That’s often said in regards to someone who is preoccupied with amassing a great wealth. The moral is you can’t take your fortune with you when you die. It’s also true of your vital organs. But those organs could be a precious gift to someone still living who is in need of a transplant.
Agreeing to be an organ donor is a selfless act that should be commended and discussed with family members. Unfortunately, many Americans fail to have this conversation with their loved ones.
Health officials say as many as 6,000 people could die this year while waiting for an organ donation. Becoming an organ donor could help reduce those numbers. In Tennessee, it’s as easy as checking a box on your driver’s license.
Groups are trying to increase awareness about the critical need for organ and tissue donors through public and professional education. The Tennessee County Clerk’s Organ Donor Awareness Foundation was founded in 1996 to give each Tennessean the opportunity to contribute $1 when renewing their license plate for statewide organ and tissue donation education.
According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, organ transplants have saved the lives of more than 300,000 people in the United States. Unfortunately, the need for donated organs is currently not being met. It is estimated that 17 people die daily while waiting for a donated organ.
Nearly 100,000 Americans are on waiting lists for donated organs. You can help by agreeing to be an organ donor. Being a donor is as simple as signing the back of your driver’s license or a donor card. You can become a donor also by simply telling your family that you wish your organs to be donated.
Organ donation is a subject some of us would rather not talk about. Even so, now is the time to have that discussion with your family. Donating an organ might be the greatest gift we can give to another human being.

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