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More charges may be pending for Erwin man charged with pill sales

August 5th, 2011 9:59 pm by Brad Hicks

ERWIN — A man was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with the sale of prescription drugs for allegedly selling Lortab pills belonging to a family member.
Bobby Joe Williams, 20, 121 Shell Masters Road, Erwin, was charged with sale of a schedule III narcotic.
Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Ken Potter said the UCSD received the report of 71 missing Lortabs from a woman living at the residence in mid-July.
Officers found the person responsible for taking the pills from their bottle had replaced the Lortabs with over-the-counter painkillers to give the appearance that the bottle was full, Potter said.
Potter said during an investigation conducted by him and UCSD Lt. David Walker, it was determined that only three people would have had access to the medications. This group was further narrowed down, with Williams as the primary suspect, Potter said.
Williams was brought in for questioning Friday, when he confessed to the medication’s sale, Potter said. UCSD officials were also able to confirm the transaction with the person to whom Williams allegedly sold the pills, Potter said. The date of the alleged sale is the same date the pills were reported missing, Potter said.
“With this information in hand, we placed (Williams) in jail for selling a schedule III narcotic,” Potter said.
Williams has not been charged with theft of the medication and the theft investigation is continuing, Potter said. However, he said Williams is the leading suspect in the alleged theft and may face additional charges.
“You can kind of put two and two together,” Potter said.

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