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Washington County school board denies any liability in student’s attack

August 3rd, 2011 11:40 am by Heather Richardson

The Washington County Board of Education is claiming no fault in the lawsuit filed against the school system and one of its students for an alleged racially motivated attack of a Daniel Boone High School student.
Angela Cantwell filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Greeneville against the board and an unnamed student who allegedly attacked her son, also unnamed in the action, last year. Cantwell was requesting damages from injuries suffered by her son as a result of the attack.
The alleged assault occurred on a county school bus on May 27. Cantwell said in the suit that her son, now 15 years old and a student at Daniel Boone, has been subjected to years of harassment from other students because of his dark complexion. Cantwell is Caucasian; the teen’s father is African American.
According to the suit, the victim suffered an “anterior table frontal sinus fracture in the midline of the left side of his head,” which was also described as an internal fracture of the skull. The description goes on to say the teen’s injury required surgery and metal plates to repair the damage.
A response to the complaint was filed on behalf of the school board denying any liability for damages from the fight as well as any breach of standard duty of care.
Cantwell said in the suit that prior complaints to school officials about harassment and racial slurs directed toward her son were not addressed. While the school board, in its response, admits that a complaint was made, it denies liability for any incidents.

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