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Tetterton records back-to-back aces

July 10th, 2011 10:30 pm by Douglas Fritz

After the best shot of his golfing career, Woody Tetterton still had an ace in the hole.
The 66-year-old Erwin resident recently recorded a hole-in-one at the Erwin Elks Lodge during its Memorial Day tournament. Still feeling the euphoria of that shot, Tetterton did it again on the next hole.
It wasn’t a bad way to spend the military-based holiday for a Vietnam veteran.
“It was just something I think was meant to happen,” said Tetterton. “I’m not that good of a golfer, just a fair golfer. It was a wonderful holiday.”
It was an extremely rare accomplishment. Golf Digest says the odds of a low-handicap golfer making two aces in the same round are 67 million to 1. Since Tetterton described himself as just an average golfer, the odds might be closer to 100 million to 1.
Tetterton approached hole No. 2, a 130-yard par three, and decided to use an 8-iron. He connected on the shot, and hit it crisp and straight.
The ball took one hop and rolled into the cup.
“We were kind of above the hole on that tee box, so we saw it go in the hole,” said Tetterton, who was playing with Daniel Bailey, Roger Harris and Ron Taylor.
After the celebration for the memorable shot, the group knew it had taken a step forward in the team competition — which the foursome would eventually win. Then they moved on the 120-yard par-three No. 3 hole.
Tetterton chose a pitching wedge for the shot. He said he could see only about half of the flag, and the hole was out of sight.
After connecting on another solid shot, Tetterton said he thought he hit it too far.
“I saw it bounce and I thought it was long,” said Tetterton. “We were looking around the green, and one of the guys said it might be in the hole.”
Tetterton said he marks his ball with two red dots, and sure enough it was the one nestled in the hole again.
In reflection, he said everything just came together for those two shots.
“I got two bronze stars in Vietnam, and I I got two holes-in-one on Memorial Day,” said Tetterton. “I believe it was just meant to happen.
“I hit two good shots, but it was 90 percent luck. I hit at the pin and was trying to get par or birdie.”
Tetterton, who has been playing off and on for 20 years, is a native of Bellhaven, N.C. He said his normal score is in the mid-80s.
Unfortunately, he hasn’t had many chances to duplicate the feat because of a back issue.
“My lower back is worn out,” he said. “I can play golf, but the pain I have the next day is not worth it.”
But the shots will live in legend, said Rick Norman, who is the exalted ruler of the Elks Lodge.
“It has never happened in 40-some years here,” said Norman. “I’ve had one in 35 years, and he hit two in 10 minutes.”

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