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Saturday sacrifice: Handymen for Christ pitch in to help those with needs

July 9th, 2011 8:26 pm by Amanda Marsh

Saturdays are precious, but a group of men from Telford United Methodist Church don’t mind giving up one a month to help others with their home repair projects.
“It is a Saturday out of our schedule, but the sacrifice of my time is nothing compared to the blessings that we receive from doing it,” said Mark Cutshall, who’s a part of the men’s group Handymen for Christ. “It’s just an awesome experience. But that’s just one of the reasons we do it, to make that sacrifice for the Lord.”
“Handymen for Christ” has been working in and around the Telford community for about eight years to help complete and even fund jobs that homeowners are unable to pay for. The handymen are a sub-group born from the Telford United Methodist Men, who wanted to do something beneficial for the community. On, Saturday, they had a pair of projects located just past Cassi Creek on Tenn. Highway 107 in the South Central community.
About six men gathered at Sandra Johnson’s home to build a handicap ramp under her carport. Her niece, Mona Gilbert of Atlanta, was visiting Johnson and expressed her gratitude for the handymen.
“Her health has really deteriorated in the last little bit,” Gilbert said. “She’s in a wheelchair part of the time, so this will just be a great help for her to be able to get in and out of the house easier and not have to worry about falling down the steps whenever she is transitioning to the car.”
Gilbert says she was also shocked at the handymen’s willingness to help strangers.
“It was just a huge surprise to see that people would donate their time and effort for a person they don’t even know. It’s a wonderful thing they do for the community and the people who need their help.”
Johnson’s ramp was Bryan Martin’s first Handymen for Christ project. He was inspired by the ministry’s message and became involved pretty quickly.
“We had gone to visit Telford United Methodist last Sunday and they told us about the program and it was of interest to me so I decided to come out,” said Martin, who lives in Jonesborough. “It’s a good way to help the community and to meet people at the church.”
Even though Saturday was Martin’s first time helping out, he was already seeing the benefits of giving up part of his weekend.
“It’s a small sacrifice to make to help other people, he said. “I can always figure out another time to take care of the yard or whatever needs to be done around the house. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s something that needs to be done to help somebody else out.”
Three other men, including Handymen for Christ leader Troy Arnold and Telford UMC Pastor Richard Looney, worked on the group’s second Saturday project. They helped re-insulate the ceiling in a home that had been damaged by the heavy storms that came through the area in April. Cutshall says the group has been busy helping people with storm damage and because there is such a need, they’re always looking for men to lend a hand with their monthly projects.
“We welcome anyone that would want to come and be involved and help us out,” Cutshall said. “They will definitely be blessed by the experience and we have a lot of fun.”
Those interested in joining Handymen for Christ can call the church at 753-9288.

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