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State-certified tax rate in Elizabethton, Carter down from set numbers

July 7th, 2011 11:16 pm by John Thompson

ELIZABETHTON — After a lengthy process of property reassessments, the Tennessee State Board of Equalization has determined the certified tax rate for Carter County and the city of Elizabethton.
The certified rate for Carter County is $2.01, which is a reduction from the $2.28 set by the County Commission prior to the reassessment.
The certified rate for Elizabethton is $1.56, which is a reduction from the $1.78 set by the Elizabethton City Council last year.
Carter County Property Assessor Ronnie B. Taylor said the certified rate is designed to “bring in the same amount of revenue as the year before the reappraisal.”
“State law protects taxpayers during reappraisal years by reducing tax rates,” Taylor said. “Local governments cannot experience windfall profits at the taxpayers’ expense.”
Taylor said the average taxpayer would experience very little to no increase in property taxes if the certified tax rate remained in place “but due to the huge budgetary requirements, these reduced rates may only be a memory if the requests are met.” He said local governments can adjust the tax rate to meet its budgetary needs, but only after public hearings have been held.
Both the Carter County Commission and the Elizabethton City Council are continuing to work on new budgets for the 2011-12 fiscal year and both governing bodies appear to be heading for increases in the property tax rate. In Elizabethton’s case, it will be the first increase in the property tax rate in 19 years.

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