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Who y'all gonna call? Local paranormal investigators to be featured on Destination America

August 19th, 2014 10:24 pm by Tony Casey

Who y'all gonna call? Local paranormal investigators to be featured on Destination America

Destination America will air episodes featuring the Tri-Cities-based Paranormal Investigations Team. (Contributed)

“What do you want?” Paranormal Technology Investigations’ co-founder Kathy Shephard asked an unknown force after she removed a mother and family from a residence outside Jonesborough because of a possible haunting.

“Just her soul. Bring her back,” the apparition repeatedly said, later picked up with electronic voice phenomena recorder.

The alleged ghost, Shephard said, was well aware the investigators had removed members of the family from the area so they could perform their work.

This is a somewhat common occurrence with Paranormal Technology Investigations’ team, who said they receive, on average, about three calls a week from people who want some kind of spooky situation looked into. While the symptoms of the alleged paranormal activity are frequently the same — loud footsteps in someone’s house, seeing a ghostly figure, even someone getting scratched or knocked to the ground — each situation is different.

Paranormal Technology Investigations looks to help families of these types of trouble through a spiritual blessing and come Sunday night, viewers will be able to see what their investigations look like. The Destination America channel will air its “A Haunting” show at 10 p.m. and use footage put together by the Paranormal Technology Investigations team. The first episode will show what they call paranormal activity that took place in Hampton on Dennis Cove Road in 2011.

There are more episodes filmed, but Shephard’s team is unsure when those will run. One of these includes a trip where four members of Shephard’s team went to Wasilla, Alaska, to perform an investigation, where they were all able to help out a family with a potential haunting.

Robb Phillips, a former preacher, now heads the paranormal outfit with Shephard, trying to help rid houses of negative or evil energies or spirits. They will perform exorcisms and special prayers and special blessings as needed. He said they don’t make money in carrying out their investigations but make some money when they offer historical walking ghost tours around the area. This money helps his team financially survive to help others. Because of the nature of the work they do, they’re careful not to give too much information on possibly haunted houses.

There have been times where his team has asked ghosts to move items around them and the ghosts would, on command, move a rocking chair or make a loud noise in one particularly intense haunting, he said.

“We’d hear a couple arguing with each other inside the walls,” Phillips said. Once members of his team put their ears up to the wall, he said, there was a massive slap, like that of a sledgehammer, next to where they were listening from inside the walls.

All this and light bulbs shattering above their heads and Phillips said they try their best to remain calm.

“We try not to show fear, because they sense that,” Phillips said.

The process conducted by the Paranormal Technology Investigations’ teams includes an interview with the person or persons alleging the paranormal activity, which is subsequently followed by a walk through of the property, an investigation conducted there, an analysis of the evidence, a spiritual blessing and then a series of check-ins to see how the process went.

“You can’t imagine the streaks of bad luck that can occur,” Phillips said. “The blessing removes anything negative or evil, depending on the family.”

Phillips and Shephard say they hope the episodes show what their investigations are really like and how intense their encounters can get.

Many people, Shepard said, come to them as skeptics of run-ins with ghosts and demons, but after they go through investigations with the team, they’re frequently turned into believers.

“Oh, my gosh,” one recent skeptic said after investigating with Shephard. “I can’t believe this.”

But he could believe it, she said, requesting as many of the recordings of what they all had seen as he could get.

For more information about Paranormal Technology Investigations, go to the group’s website at

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