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Web series creator wants to roll out red carpet for debut

August 14th, 2014 9:26 pm by Brad Hicks

Web series creator wants to roll out red carpet for debut

Unicoi’s Dalton Stout wants to give people in the area to get a taste of the Hollywood red carpet premiere experience before next month’s official debut of his new science fiction Web series.

A premiere for Stout’s series “Them” will be held Sept. 5 from 7-11 p.m. at the Pine Room in Elizabethon, and tickets for the event are now on sale. The formal, red carpet-style event will feature limousines, music, guest stars and speakers, and the series’ cast will be in attendance.

The event will also give attendees the first opportunity to see a pilot episode of “Them” before it officially premieres online Sept. 9. Half of the series’ second episode will also be screened, as will the short film “USB,” which serves as a precursor to the series.

“It’s something, definitely, that I’ve always wanted to see come here,” Stout said of the premiere event. “As a young boy and kind of growing up to the age I am now, I definitely wanted to see something like this happen, and it has in smaller ways previously in different situations, but we’re trying to give the Tri-Cities a slice of Hollywood just for a little bit, just for an evening.”

Stout said four types of tickets are being sold. He said limo-exclusive VIP tickets are on sale for $20, and these passes allow the purchaser to ride in a limo with the stars and producers of the series to the event and as they visit some of the series filming locations prior to the premiere. The limousine will also drop those who purchase these tickets off at the red carpet on the evening of the premiere.

VIP tickets, on sale for $15, assure purchasers front row seats with the cast and crew of “Them” at the premiere. General adult tickets are priced at $12 and children’s tickets, for ages 16 and under, are being sold for $10.

Tickets went on sale several days ago, and Stout said around 60 have already been sold.

“We’ve already sold a decent amount of tickets, and we’re looking to sell a lot more,” Stout said.

Stout also said those wishing to become involved in the making of the series will have the opportunity to obtain more information at the premiere. Tickets are being sold on the series’ website,

The 17-year-old Stout serves as creator and director of “Them,” a series that follows the happenings in the fictional town of Ridge Hills, Tenn. The meteor strike at a farm is followed by a series of violent abductions by an unknown force, and a la “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” aliens begin to use human bodies as hosts. The series’ main characters, Luke Ashton and Gerald Hicks, are in possession of a flash drive that may hold information on the strange events, and the two are pursued by a number of people and beings who want to get their hands on this flash drive.

Production on the series began last year, and Stout said the show is being produced “as we go.” The series’ pilot episode was shot primarily in Franklin, N.C., but local shooting locations included Unicoi, Elizabethton, Bluff City and the Lynn Valley area.

Those who don’t attend the Sept. 5 premiere will be able to catch the series when it officially premieres Sept. 9, Stout said. He said this episode and subsequent episodes will be shown on the series’ website, the series’ YouTube account and other platforms that will be unveiled at the premiere event.

Although premiere attendees will get an opportunity to view half of the series’ second episode, Stout said this episode will not go public until April 11. He said this is because the debut of the episode would coincide with an actual meteor shower set to occur around that time.

“You’ve got the pilot episode, which airs Sept. 9 online, then you’ve got to wait a whole like six months before you even get to see the second episode,” Stout said. “So it’s kind of one of those things where it pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.”

Stout recently appeared on the small screen as an extra in the CBS series “Under the Dome,” and his newly created series could eventually find its way onto television. Stout said he is meeting with network executives in October to pitch “Them,” but Stout said seeing his idea come to life as “Them” makes its debut locally is already a dream come true.

“It just kind of makes you think that you’re getting somewhere, that all this time hasn’t been wasted,” he said. “It’s a really good feeling, and I encourage people and everyone to just go for their dreams and go for their goals because nothing is impossible.”

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