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Meet Your Neighbor: For Corintha Duncan, ETSU welcome never worn out

August 10th, 2014 8:54 pm by Elizabeth Saulsbury

Meet Your Neighbor: For Corintha Duncan, ETSU welcome never worn out

Corintha Duncan has spent 20 of her 30 years at ETSU working in the school's admissions office. (Elizabeth Saulsbury/Johnson City Press)

Newcomers to East Tennessee State University want to know various things about the institution. Information about tuition, scholarships, housing, meal plans, athletics, safety and campus life are just some of the things that prospective students and their families are seeking.

Besides the many questions that arise in the college search, campus visitors often look for a friendly, welcoming campus.

That’s where Corintha Duncan comes in.

Warm, cheerful and personable, Duncan welcomes campus visitors with a smile, showing visitors from around the region and across the world what it means to be an ETSU Buc.

“I love to be able to talk to new families,” Duncan said. “I enjoy meeting new people and telling them about the university.”

As a lifelong resident of the region and an ETSU alumnae, Duncan has a passion for the Johnson City area.

“My family is here, it’s a very safe city, and I just love the area,” Duncan said.

During her 30 years as an ETSU employee, Duncan has spent 20 of them as an admissions counselor.

“I enjoy meeting people and being able to share my knowledge of the university with them,” Duncan said.

In her capacity as an admissions counselor, Duncan also serves as the advisor to the ETSU Admissions Ambassadors, a student organization comprised of approximately 80 students. Under Duncan’s guidance, the Ambassadors give campus tours and work at events to recruit new students.

“Honestly, my favorite thing about this job is the Admissions Ambassadors,” Duncan said. “To their credit, it is strictly volunteer. I think that the organization itself is a very solid one.”

One of her goals as an admissions counselor is to show prospective students ETSU’s true character.

“Touring colleges can be very daunting,” Duncan said. “ETSU can be perceived as a very large university to a lot of students. We try to put that to rest by showing that we are a friendly campus and that there are always students, staff and faculty who are willing to assist and help new students.”

Duncan added that just taking a walking tour of campus can help dispel those myths.

“As you take a tour through campus, students, faculty and staff will often stop and talk to you,” Duncan said. “I think that really speaks for the university.”

Duncan’s position has recently undergone some changes, as ETSU’s Welcome Center has been relocated from the Culp Center to the parking garage on the other side of campus. Duncan said that she believes the move to be beneficial to campus visitors.

“It’s a beautiful location,” Duncan said. “It’s very convenient for the families coming for campus tours. I think the new location is a very pleasant addition for the visitors coming to campus. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Looking ahead, Duncan hopes that she will have many more years of working as an admissions counselor for ETSU.

“I will be here as long as I am needed here, because of my love for the blue and gold,” Duncan said. “This is my school, my alma mater, and I can’t see myself working anywhere else.”

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