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Kids have fun at Pine Oaks golf camp

July 2nd, 2014 8:14 pm by Elizabeth Saulsbury

Kids have fun at Pine Oaks golf camp

Pine Oaks Golf Course hosted young and aspiring golfers this week.

A golf camp for children began on Monday and will conclude today.  The camp’s counselors taught the key elements of the game, giving kids the chance to learn the essentials of golf while having fun with their peers.

“It’s a good way for the kids to learn the basic fundamentals of golf,” said camp coordinator Matt Williams.  “We teach them different stances and grips, and the proper way to swing and hit the ball.”

Attendees ranged from ages 6-12 and had varying levels of golf experience and skill.

“Some have experience, some have never played at all,” Williams said.  “It’s a wide range of experience, and that’s why we start at the very beginning.”

With the help of their counselors, the campers gained practice with both driving and putting during the camp.  

“We break them up into two groups: older and younger,” said Williams.  “...We take a group and teach them driving and teach the other group putting.  Then after a break, we switch.”

Of the skills learned at the camp, driving seemed to be the most popular and the most challenging with the young campers.

“Driving is the best because you can hit it as hard as you can,” said 8 year-old Blake Johnson.

“My favorite part is going driving,” said Finn Stamey, age 9.  “It’s really fun because it makes me happy if it goes really far.”

“Driving is hard because you hit the ball so hard that you almost lose your club,” said 6 year-old Cooper Daniels.

Williams believes that the game of golf helps kids learn persistence and diligence.

“It’s a good sport for them to learn because it teaches them patience,” Williams said.  “It’s different from other sports because instead of playing against others, you’re really playing against yourself.”

Williams encourage parents to involve their children in sports camps like this one over the summer.

“I want people who have never had their kids in a sports camp to know that this is a great way for kids to get their feet wet with learning a sport and to keep them active during the summer,” said Williams.

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