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Cowboys making film about Witten's early years

June 27th, 2014 9:35 pm by Douglas Fritz

Cowboys making film about Witten's early years

From left, columnist/feature writer Jeff Sullivan, senior editor/producer Roxanne Medina, producer/editor Kevin Timmons and reporter Lindsay Cash take a break after an interview at Sycamore Shoals on Friday afternoon.

ELIZABETHTON — Jason Witten’s impact on the Cowboys’ organization has been far reaching — all the way from Dallas to Elizabethton.

The Cowboys are making a documentary film about their star tight end, going back to the roots of his football career.

A crew of four — columnist Jeff Sullivan, producer/editor Kevin Timmons, senior editor/producer Roxanne Medina, and reporter Lindsay Cash — traveled to Elizabethton to spend a few days interviewing folks like his grandfather, former coach Dave Rider, and his brother, Elizabethton head coach Shawn Witten.

“I talked to him at training camp, and he was talking about a lot of personal things,” said Sullivan, whose group chose this time of year because of Witten’s camp today at Rider Field. “He talked about how his grandfather shaped him as a man. I felt like it was too personal for phone-call interviews. You can really bring a story like this to life with pictures and images.”

Timmons said it was great to see in person the place where Witten was a standout from 1996-99.

“We wanted to see where he got his start, and meet people who helped make him who he is,” said Timmons. “We wanted to tell his story the way it should be told.”

Part of it was giving back to Witten, said Medina.

“He has been an important part of the organization for a long time,” said Medina. “We want to do whatever it takes to do a good job on this.”

Cash said she appreciates being a part of Witten’s team.

“It’s humbling to know I work for an organization with someone like Jason Witten,” said Cash. “He’s so genuine.”

Sullivan said he hopes to have the project finished in August. He said it will be aired locally in Dallas, and could be available online.

Medina said there is a hope the NFL Network will eventually pick it up.

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