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The case of the kick-puncher, a missing villain, and more from the Police Blotter

June 10th, 2014 8:30 pm by Staff Report

The case of the kick-puncher, a missing villain, and more from the Police Blotter

Don't worry; he always comes back. A man called police after he noticed that his Michael Myers action figure, based on the character from the "Halloween" films, was missing. Police said that the door frame had apparent pry marks on it, and noted that none of the man's other action figures were missing. Police said the man valued Michael Myers at $60.

Red flags were there. Police said a man called them to report a theft after another man disappeared with $100 of his money. The man told police that he was approached by the other man in a parking lot and that the man, initially, offered him drugs. After the man declined, the other man offered to sell him a flat-screen TV for $100, but advised him that he needed the money first. The man paid the other man, then was told to meet him at an address on Briarcliff Road. When the other man didn't show, the man called police.

Is it still considered kicking? Police plan to arrest a man after his wife told officers he used his prosthetic leg to hit their son. The man called police to his house to tell them that his son had broken his ribs. After speaking with his wife, however, police said they were told the man started the fight when he shoved his son to the floor and began hitting him with his leg. The wife added, police said, that, when the son fought back, the man fell onto a toy on the ground, which caused his injuries. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment, but police said they are seeking a warrant for his arrest.

BYOB, GTHO. A man told police that another man came over to his house and asked for beer money. The man denied his request and told him to leave, but a few hours later, the other man returned with a six-pack of beer. Despite the beer, the man still told the other man to leave, and the two began to argue. After police arrived, they said the other man was intoxicated after watching him finish his last beer and arrested him.

Never fear, mommy's here. Police were called to Cheddar's Casual Cafe after a manager reported that four people walked out on a $72 check. Their waitress, however, told police she knew them from school. The officer then spoke to two of their mothers, who agreed to come to the restaurant and pay their children's portion of the bill. 

Blue Plum rookie. Police cited a teenager for underage consumption after he was seen carrying a bottle of liquor on the street during the Blue Plum Festival. 

Bushed. Police arrested a man for public drunkenness after they found him passed out in a bush in a community garden.

Not helping her cause. A woman was arrested after a police officer said he watched her scream and yell at a school's principal after a teacher asked her child about a red mark on his or her neck. The officer said the principal told the woman about the school's policy regarding potential child abuse, which caused the woman to become agitated. The officer said he told the woman to leave several times, but that she continued to stay and curse at the principal. The woman left at her mother's insistence, but returned moments later and continued yelling and cursing at the principal. She was then arrested on trespassing and disorderly conduct charges.

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