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Walker Godfrey

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Hometown Blog: Summer at last

June 9th, 2014 10:52 am by Walker Godfrey

Hometown Blog: Summer at last

Walker Godfrey

Summer. The word is whispered between parents, shouted from rolled down windows, sang atrociously by arm-in-arm teenagers.

After the perilously long months of bitter wind, tedious homework, robotic state-mandated tests, we have all made it. We’re rewarded with lazy days in lawn chairs, the blessed aromas of coconut sunscreens, bronze tans that we’ll happily boast, and afternoons spent clutching tubes, while being dragged by speedboats on the lake. Parents, is there a smile as spellbinding as that of your stress-free, suntanned child?

How simplistic life can be! Isn’t that what we all want? The normalcy? The monotonous lull that life provides in every situation is quite deafening. Even summer, the Promised Land, falls prey to this ancient trap. The hours spent in lackadaisical snoozing will pile onto one another, until it feels like your hazy days are spent entirely on the couch.

There’s nothing markedly wrong about that, of course, except for the fact that — y’know — it’s summer. Do you want to stamp off your June and July as unremarkable?

Even if you’re working full time, don’t you remember the way that you used to count down the days? Isn’t there a fiber of yourself that still longs to feel that way? To reawaken the hero of the heat, who could conquer the wakeboard and twelve hot dogs all in the same afternoon?

I’d like to urge you to take a leaf of the children’s book. There is little that is as splendid and savory as the innocuous happiness of a kid in July. And it’s easier than you’re expecting. With over 65,000 residents and a bit shy of 40 square miles, Johnson City provides opportunity left and right. Spend an afternoon reliving your favorite tale in Warrior Path’s Narnia playground. Enjoy a night being waited on and provided with entertainment from the Blue Moon Dinner Theatre. Take your parents to the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre’s 1940’s USO Show, and let the singing and dancing whisk you away to another realm. Grab an Eno, a few friends, and camp out under the stars at the Blackberry Blossom Farm and Campground. Take a day off and fill up wicker baskets with fresh, ripe apples from the Heavenly Holler Farm’s apple orchards.

I’m begging you, don’t let this summer just roll on through. This area is brimming with excitement. Let this summer be the best yet.

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