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Getting fit at the Carter Co. Sheriff's Office

June 2nd, 2014 4:21 pm by John Thompson

Getting fit at the Carter Co. Sheriff's Office

ELIZABETHTON — Kristie Bowling was proclaimed the Biggest Loser in the Carter Count Sheriff’s Department following a three-month health and fitness program that several members of the department participated in at Franklin Health and Fitness Center.

Bowling’s accomplishments over the three-month period were certainly impressive. Gavin Dugger, personal trainer at Franklin Health and Fitness, said she not only dropped 20 pounds, she lost 5 inches in her waist, almost 5 inches in her hips and 4 inches in her thigh.

Bowling was one of three top finishers who were recognized by Sheriff Chris Mathes on Sunday. The prizes included free memberships to the center, gift certificates at Dick’s Sporting Goods and certificates to Lone Star and Jiggy Rays restaurants in Elizabethton.

Second Place went to J.B. Simerly and third place went to L.C. Tester. Joey Hughes also received recognition for his hard work.

As part of the program, participants worked to lose weight. The winners of the program were determined by the amount of weight lost based on a percentage of starting weight.

All three of the top losers said they felt better as a result of their weight loss and improved fitness.

“I feel a lot better, I have more energy,” Bowling said.

Tester said his cholesterol and other readings showed great improvement at his last checkup. He said the doctors and nurses were impressed.

Shepherd said he will soon take the physical training test to begin work as a patrol officer after spending his last 10 years as a corrections officer with the sheriff’s department. He said he felt he was in better shape for that.

Mathes said a healthier employee has more potential to not only perform better as an employee of the county, but will likely have a better chance of being a more productive family member at home.

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