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Winners and losers in Tennessee legislative session

April 17th, 2014 4:42 pm by Associated Press

Winners and losers in Tennessee legislative session

Here is a list of some of the winners and losers of the legislative session that concluded on Thursday.

The following bills passed this session:

— ANNEXATION: Bans cities from annexing land without a referendum. HB2371.

— BALLPARK BEER: Allows sale of beer at new Nashville baseball stadium. HB2405.

— BEER IN PARKS: Allows local governments to obtain licenses to sell beer in local parks HB2339.

— CHARTER AUTHORIZER: Creates statewide authorizer to overrule local school board decisions on charter schools. HB0702.

— COMMON CORE: Delays implementation of testing associated with Common Core education standards by one year. HB1549

— DEATH PENALTY: Allows electrocution if shortage of lethal injection drug. SB2580.

— DRONES-OUTDOORSMEN: Prohibits use of drones to conduct unauthorized video surveillance of outdoorsmen. SB1777.

— FREE TUITION: Offering free community college tuition to any high school graduate. HB2491.

— HASLAM-BUDGET: Gov. Bill Haslam's $32.4 billion annual spending plan. SB2596.

— HEMP PRODUCTION: Allows the commercial production of hemp in Tennessee. SB2495.

— IN GOD WE TRUST: Instructs the State Capitol Commission to study having "In God We Trust" painted in the tunnel under building. SB2003.

— LICENSE PLATE IMAGES: Limits the amount of time governments can store images of license plates. SB1664.

— MASS TRANSIT: Requires legislative approval of mass transit projects like Nashville's Amp. HB2156.

— MEDICAID EXPANSION: Requires legislative approval of Medicaid expansion in Tenn. HB0937.

— METH PRODUCTION Sets monthly and annual limits on cold and allergy medicines used to make meth. HB1574.

— RELIGIOUS DISPLAYS: Allows schools to teach about "traditional winter celebrations." HB1906.

— RELIGIOUS VIEWPOINTS: Banning schools from discriminating against students for expression religious viewpoints. HB1547.

— ROCKY TOP: Allows Lake City to vote to change name to Rocky Top. HB1469.

— SLAVERY RESOLUTION Expresses regret of slavery and segregation in Tennessee. HJR847

— STRONGER BEER: Allows beer of up to 10 percent by volume to be sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. HB0047.

— SWITCHBLADE KNIVES: Legalizing switchblades and other knives with blades longer than 4 inches. SB1771.

— TEXTBOOK PANEL Changing the makeup of the state's textbook selection panel. HB2249

— TRAIL OF TEARS: Expresses regret for the forced removal of more than 15,000 Native Americans in the 1830s. HJR0553.

— TUITION-IMMIGRANTS: Ensures citizens who are children of parents in country illegally are eligible for in-state tuition. SB2115.

—WINE IN SUPERMARKETS: Allows local governments to hold referendums on supermarket wine sales. HB0610.

The following bills failed this year:

— ATTORNEY GENERAL-CORRUPTION: Giving attorney general power to investigate public corruption. SB2038.

— ATTORNEY GENERAL-ELECTION: Constitutional amendment calling for popular election of attorney general. SJR0123.

— DAYLIGHT SAVING: Ending daylight saving time in Tennessee. HB1909.

— FOR-PROFIT CHARTERS: Allowing for-profit entities to run charters schools in Tennessee. HB1693.

— GUNS IN PARKS: Doing away with local control over banning guns in parks. SB1496.

— HALL INCOME TAX: Phasing out Hall tax on income from dividends and investments. SB1427.

— HEALTH FREEDOM ACT: Declaring Tennessee won't comply with federal health care law. SB1888.

— MOTORCYCLE HELMETS: Allowing adults not to wear helmets on motorcycles. SB0548.

— OPEN CARRY: Allowing open carry of handguns without state-issued permit. SB2424.

— OPEN CONTAINER: Banning passengers from drinking alcohol in moving vehicles. HB0084.

— PARENT TRIGGER: Creating mechanism for parents to convert failing schools into charters schools. HB1959.

— SCHOOL VOUCHERS: Creating a limited school voucher program in Tennessee. SB0196.

— SENATE NOMINATIONS: Giving state lawmakers the power to appoint nominees for the U.S. Senate. SB0471.

— SEX WEEK: Directing University of Tennessee to require parents to opt in to allowing student fees to go toward events deemed "controversial or objectionable." SJR0626

— TEACHER-TEST SCORES: Prohibits standardized test scores from being tied to teacher licensing. HB2263

— TENNESSEE FLAG SALUTE: Encouraging schools to have students recite Salute to the Flag of Tennessee. SJR715

— TUITION EQUALITY: Making students in country illegally eligible for in-state tuition to public colleges. SB1951.

— VOTER ID: Permitting student ID cards to be used for voting. SB1082.

— WEDDING SERVICES: Banning lawsuits against businesses refusing wedding services to gay couples. SB2566.

— WELFARE LIMITS: Reducing the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families assistance from 5 years to 4 years. SB2039.

— WHISKEY WAR: Repealing the state's legal definition of "Tennessee Whiskey." HB2330.

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