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UPDATE: Fire claims Boones Creek home, up to 17 animals' lives

April 14th, 2014 4:53 pm by Max Hrenda

UPDATE: Fire claims Boones Creek home, up to 17 animals' lives

Firefighters spent almost seven hours fighting the fire at 2020 Carroll Creek Road. (Photos by Ron Campbell/Johnson City Press)

Despite spending approximately seven hours battling a blaze, firefighters were unable to save a Boones Creek home, or what could have been as many as 17 animals that were trapped inside.

On Monday afternoon, at around 3:27 p.m. Johnson City firefighters responded to a call of a house fire at 2020 Carroll Creek Road.

Firefighters from five different Johnson City stations arrived to work the scene, along with members of the Johnson City Police Department and Washington County/Johnson City EMS. Although he said the house was a total loss, JCFD Lt. Mike Oliver, the day’s acting shift captain, added that no human lives were lost, including his men.

“No one was at home,” Oliver said. “They just came home and found the fire.”

Initial reports suggested, however, that more than a dozen animals may have been inside the house as the fire spread. Oliver said that the house’s resident, Bryan Hyburn, told him that as many as 10 dogs, three birds, three snakes, and a turtle were in the house when the fire broke out.

“We didn’t (find evidence), but we’re pretty sure that there were,” he said.

According to Oliver, when firefighters first arrived on scene after 3:30 p.m., most of the house had already been consumed by flame.

“There was probably three-quarters of the house involved (in flame) when we first arrived,” Oliver said. “The first floor had already fallen into the basement area. We tried to make entry, but due to the advancement of the fire, we couldn’t. So we had to go defensive.”

When firefighters “go defensive,” Oliver said, they do what they can to avoid going into the house.

“We didn’t put anybody in the house until we got it,” Oliver said. “We did some work in the house when we did overhaul, but when you go defensive, you keep everyone out of the house.”

As the afternoon wore on, flames began to work their way into the house’s interior and spread to the roof. Two skylights on the roof eventually dropped out and the resultant holes began to spew flames. When firefighters turned the hose on one of those holes, more flames would spread from the other.

“It was pretty much all you wanted for excitement,” Oliver said.

Oliver said crews continued to work on the blaze until 10:30 p.m.

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Johnson City firefighters have been working to put out a house fire in a wooded area off Carroll Creek Road west of Browns Mill Road.

The blaze was reported just before 4 p.m. at 2020 Carroll Creek Road, which is near a ridge behind the Roundtree neighborhood. Large puffs of white smoke could be seen billowing from the wooded area.

Flames continued to pour from the house's roof, including two skylights on the back of the house. One of the skylights and a portion of the roof had collapsed.

Authorities were concerned about the fire spreading to the wooded area and the nearby ridge.

The Johnson City Press has a reporter and a photographer at the scene. Keep visiting for details.

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