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Police blotter: A bruising beggar, the case of the sticker-stalker, and more

March 28th, 2014 5:55 pm by Staff Report

Police blotter: A bruising beggar, the case of the sticker-stalker, and more

Unlicensed stupidity. After police arrived at a woman's house on a trespassing call, the alleged trespasser told them he was arguing with her about a car she sold him, but had since decided she wanted it returned. When police checked the car-in-question, they found that the license plate had been reported stolen, and the man told them it was from his father's truck. Police also found that the man had a warrant for his arrest, and, after he was arrested, he had 20 prescription pills in his pockets, none of which were prescribed.

Beggars can be bruisers. A man told police that another man he met in a downtown bar asked if he could have a cigarette. When the two men walked into a downtown breezeway, the man accepted the cigarette, then punched his benefactor in the face and ran away. 

Biting the bullet. A woman was cited for drug paraphernalia after police said they found a syringe and scales inside her car. The only thing was, she wasn't in her car. Officers arrested someone else for driving on a suspended license in her car, and then reportedly found the paraphernalia. Although the woman denied the materials belonged to her, she told police she would accept responsibility because it was her car.

'Hoot' dunnit? Police were called to a local grocery one morning after an employee told them a man stole two ceramic owls from an outdoor display, then fled in a station wagon.

No take-backs. After a woman told police her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her, they found him hiding in the woods behind his sister's house and arrested him. Several days later, however, after the woman filed an order of protection against him, police found the man hiding inside her apartment, after she told them she didn't know where he was. He received a trespassing charge, while the woman was charged with filing a false report.

Sticker-stalker. A man and his wife called police after they realized someone had broken into their apartment. They told officers they realized this when, as they turned out the lights to go to sleep, they saw that glow-in-the-dark stickers had been arranged to spell out "I love you" over the area of the bed where the wife sleeps. Both parties denied placing the stickers.

Finders-keepers, busted-weepers. A woman mailed her daughter a credit card to help with expenses, but realized something was wrong when her daughter said she hadn't received the card, but charges were being made. Police discovered that the woman sent the card to the wrong address, and that the man at that address had decided to use the card six different times for purchases at a local gas station, all of which were under $51.

Should have bought a name-brand bag. After a woman was taken to jail on an assault charge, jailers said she tried to sneak drugs into the jail by hiding them in a bag inside her vagina. When officers tried to remove the bag, however, it ruptured. Jail staff said they recovered a 2-mg Xanax pill, but that they suspected that more were scattered inside the woman. The woman picked up an additional charge of introducing a controlled substance into a penal institution.

The Police Blotter is compiled from local law enforcement reports.

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