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Elizabethton man receives drug charges twice in one day

March 18th, 2014 5:24 pm by Staff Reports

Elizabethton man receives drug charges twice in one day

Thad Buckles, from his March 6 arrest on burglary-related charges.

ELIZABETHTON — Less than 24 hours after an Elizabethton man received a summons for drug charges, he was arrested on additional drug charges — by the same officers.

On Monday night, Elizabethon Police Department Officers James Sexton and Jordan Ensor arrested Thad J. Buckles, 30, 607 Beech St., after they said they found Buckles with marijuana, prescription pills and equipment used to weigh and sell them.

The arrest marked the second interaction between Sexton, Ensor and Buckles that took place on Monday. Earlier that day, Sexton and Ensor responded to a shoplifting call at Wal-Mart Supercenter, 1001 Overmountain Drive, and said store personnel told them they saw a man hiding merchandise on his person.

Sexton and Ensor identified the man as Buckles, who had been arrested on March 6 on burglary-related charges. In the incident report, Sexton said he asked Buckles if he was hiding any unpaid merchandise, to which Buckles replied that he was. Sexton said he found a pistol holster and make-up after he searched Buckles, along with some illegal drugs. According to Sexton, he found a marijuana cigarette and a pill fob with 10 pills, all of which were either Xanax of Clonazepam, both schedule IV narcotics, on Buckles’ person.

In addition to the drugs, Sexton said, police also found two half-face masks, which were photographed because of Buckles’ arrest for the alleged burglary.

The report said the store personnel did not want to prosecute Buckles, and that Sexton issued him a criminal summons for simple possession/casual exchange of schedule IV and schedule VI drugs.

Later that day, Ensor and Sexton again encountered Buckles, this time as a passenger in a car that they had pulled over on Hudson Drive. In the affidavit of complaint, Sexton said he smelled an odor “commonly associated with marijuana” coming from the car. Though the driver did not consent to a search of the car, Sexton said, he told them they were going to search the vehicle on probable cause because of the alleged odor.

Upon hearing that news, Sexton said, Buckles told them he had “a lot of marijuana” inside the car.

Sexton said Buckles told him the marijuana was in a white backpack in the back seat. After searching the bag, Sexton said, he and Ensor found nine bags with a “green, leafy substance” that was “preliminarily” identified as marijuana, along with 107 empty plastic bags, digital scales, manual scales, and a pill bottle containing 16 2-mg Xanax bars and four 0.5-mg Xanax tablets.

Buckles was arrested and charged with possession of schedule IV drugs for resale, possession of schedule VI drugs for resale, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia. He was taken to the Carter County Detention Center, and was assigned a Sessions Court date of April 28 to face his charges. He had previously been assigned the same date for the summons.

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