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Police Blotter

The literal catfight, JCPD taxi service, the mystery stabbing and more from the Police Blotter

March 17th, 2014 5:02 pm by Staff Reports

The literal catfight, JCPD taxi service, the mystery stabbing and more from the Police Blotter

A good reason to search with gloves. Jail personnel told police that a man tried to hide a large plastic bag of marijuana in his underwear. The jailer said the man, who was arrested after police found him asleep - and drunk - in the middle of a city road, also had smaller bags of marijuana in his pants pockets. He grew suspicious when he saw the man adjusting an object in his underwear, which police would later learn was 14 grams of marijuana.

Next time, call a cab. A police officer said a drunk man flagged him down outside of a local bar and asked for help getting a ride. The officer said he tried calling the man's friends, but they all appeared as drunk as he was. After no success, the man ultimately ended up getting a ride to jail on a public intoxication charge.

It's all about the game. Police were called to a local house after a resident said a man had burglarized it. The resident told police that she and her friend returned home from breakfast, and the friend went upstairs and bumped into a man, who apologized and went downstairs. The friend, who thought the man was a friend of one of the other residents, knew something was wrong when the man ran out of the house and left the door open. Police only cataloged three missing items: an Xbox 360 console and two controllers.

Drink not lest ye be judged. After police saw a man driving the wrong way down a one-way street, the man was pulled over. When police asked him if he had been drinking, they said, he told them, "You be the judge of that." After watching the man's performance on field sobriety test, police judged that he had been drinking, and he was arrested for driving under the influence.

Subtle as a knife. Police said they caught a man who tried to run after they saw him on top of a woman on his front lawn. The woman told them she tried to leave but the man refused to let her. As she told him goodbye, the woman reached into the man's coat pocket and removed a strip of Suboxone, adding a charge of simple possession to the domestic assault charge he already picked up. After the man arrived at jail, however, he noticed his leg was bleeding. Officers discovered that he appeared to have been stabbed. An arrest warrant was then issued for the woman.

If at first you don't succeed ... Police were preparing to arrest a man on a warrant when they found what they said was Suboxone pills in his pocket. Because the warrant couldn't be confirmed, however, police let the man go, albeit with a misdemeanor citation for the drugs. The next morning, however, the man was arrested again after Wal-Mart personnel told police he was caught trying to return items to customer service that he had stolen from the store. Police learned the man was on the store's trespass list, and he was charged with shoplifting and criminal trespass.

Catfight! ... Literally. A woman told police that she and her sister-in-law got into a fistfight after the sister-in-law began hitting and punching her cat. The woman didn't want to press charges, however, because, as police said, she didn't want to get her sister-in-law in trouble. When police asked the sister-in-law about the incident, she said there had been a fight, but it was concerning a bottle of liquor. Because the sister-in-law showed no signs of injury, however, she was arrested on a domestic assault charge.

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