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Two arrested after deputies say meth made with mother, son inside home

March 16th, 2014 4:51 pm by Max Hrenda

Two arrested after deputies say meth made with mother, son inside home

Coleman Barlow, top, and Johnnie Russ.

The Carter County Sheriff’s Department arrested two people this weekend after deputies said they found an active methamphetamine lab inside one of their mother’s homes with a juvenile present.

On Saturday morning, deputies arrested Coleman Delaney Barlow, 40, Elizabethton, and Johnnie Danyel Russ, 37, Hampton, at 122 Allen Odom Lane in Carter County’s Siam community.

Also present during the arrests were Barlow’s mother — who resides at the Allen Odom address — and Russ’ 17-year-old son.

According to Sgt. Harmon Duncan, who works in the department’s drug task force, deputies were guided to the home by Elizabethton Police Department officers, who had been told of illegal activity by an informant.

“Elizabethton police gave me a tip on some activity they were involved in that extended out into the county,” Duncan said. “We drove up there and an informant showed me a house where (he or she) ... supposedly switched some pseudoephedrine for meth.”

Duncan said he then knocked on the front door and a woman — who he would later identify as Barlow’s mother — answered the door. Barlow’s mother, Duncan said, told him no illegal activity was going on inside the house. Duncan said the mother then told him Barlow was inside the house.

“I had a grand jury indictment from March 3 for Coleman on 20-some counts of pseudoephedrine, and hadn’t been able to find him,” Duncan said. “I put him under arrest on the grand jury warrant, and asked if I could search the trailer.”

Duncan said Barlow’s mother consented to a search of the home, after which, he said Barlow told him there was a single-pot methamphetamine lab in the bedroom.

“I go in there, and there’s a Coke bottle, active and bubbling,” Duncan said.

Deputies then began to evacuate the home, Duncan said, when they discovered the 17-year-old inside the trailer’s center bedroom. Duncan said he knew the boy to be the son of Johnnie Russ, who he had previously arrested on methamphetamine-related charges, and who was wanted on a warrant charging her with failure to appear.

After the teenager was identified, Duncan said, deputies went back inside the trailer and found Russ underneath a bed in the center bedroom, whereupon she was arrested on the warrant.

After Russ was removed from the house, Duncan said, Carter County Emergency and Rescue Squad’s HazMat team arrived to decontaminate the four individuals, after which Russ and Barlow were taken into custody.

“The mother and the son of Johnnie Russ were taken to a nearby house where they were given refuge,” Duncan said. “They weren’t arrested. We took in the other two.”

Barlow and Russ were taken to the Carter County Detention Center. After their arrival, however, Duncan said Russ began to exhibit signs of medical distress, and she was taken to Sycamore Shoals Hospital for treatment.

Barlow was jailed and was charged with initiation of a process intended to result in the manufacture of methamphetamine, felony aggravated child endangerment, promotion of methamphetamine manufacturing, and maintaining a dwelling where narcotics are manufactured or sold. He was also arrested on the grand jury indictment, which charged him with 19 counts of promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and seven counts of attempted promotion of methamphetamine manufacture. He was being held at the CCDC in lieu of a combined $160,000 in bond money.

Along with her warrant for failure to appear, Duncan said Russ would face additional charges upon her release from the hospital, though he did not specify as to which ones.

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