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Police Blotter

An instant guilt trip, the case of the missing Facebook account, and more from the Police Blotter

March 11th, 2014 9:47 pm by Staff Reports

An instant guilt trip, the case of the missing Facebook account, and more from the Police Blotter

Father knows best ... sometimes. Police were called to a local package store after the owner said an ex-employee's father had called and threatened to put his life "in danger." The owner told police that when business slowed, he fired his employee with a promise to hire him back when business improved. He added, since the firing, the employee's father had been calling him and threatening him if his son was not hired back immediately.

Instant guilt trip. After police arrived to the scene of an attempted convenience store robbery, they found the man suspected of doing so sitting on the curb outside of the building. When asked about the robbery, the man "spontaneously" admitted that he tried to rob the store. After conducting interviews of the man and the clerk, police learned that, after the clerk refused to give him money, the man began vandalizing the store and caused more than $27 in damages. The man was arrested for attempted robbery and vandalism.

No ID, no sense, no service. A bank employee called police after a man refused to leave. Police spoke with the man, who told them he wanted to cash a check, but that the employee wouldn't let him because he didn't have identification. Despite the police presence, the man refused to leave, and he was arrested on trespassing and resisting arrest charges.

Too many follow-ups. Employees of a local dental office filed stalking charges against a man they said had been harassing them for two years. The employees told police the man would leave notes for them on their cars telling them how good they looked, and even followed one of them to her home in Virginia. Although the man left them a note saying he would stop bothering them, after 15 more sightings, the employees went to police.

Stand by your man, run by your woman. Police said grocery store employees spotted a man and a woman stuffing several items into their clothing. When an employee confronted the couple at checkout, the man threw one of the covered items - an LED light - to the ground and ran out of the store. The woman stayed behind, and the employees found she had stuffed Swiss cheese and makeup into her pockets. Police later caught up with the man, and both were cited with shoplifting.

Kids do the darnedest crimes. A mother called police to her apartment after her daughter found out her Facebook account had been deleted. The mother told police that, after her daughter found out, she yelled at her and grabbed her face, then started breaking several things around the house. The daughter was arrested on assault and vandalism charges.

Frat brothers, where art thou? A fraternity house called police after an uninvited guest, who had previously been banned from the house, showed up and started acting "rowdy." Even though the fraternity members convinced the man to leave, they told police he damaged their "no trespassing" sign.

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