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Girls Inc. takes on projects based on books

March 7th, 2014 9:45 pm by Sue Guinn Legg

Girls Inc. takes on projects based on books

(Photos by Lee Talbert/Johnson City Press)

In celebration of the March birthday of the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, the girls at Girls Inc. in Johnson City snacked on green eggs and ham after school Friday. And unlike the Cat in the Hat before Sam I Am let him be, they liked them. And they would eat them again.

“They’re good,” said 12-year-old Kayley Silvers, who ate her green eggs and ham outside in the sunshine.

Eggs and ham all gone, the girls moved on to full afternoon of activities based Seuss’ lyrical tale of the Cat in the Hat and other beloved stories.

In the Girls Inc. kitchen, 9-year-old Lexi Shelton, who ate her green eggs and ham in a tree, took the first reading the “Cat in the Hat” while her friends tried their hands at fashioning a batch of edible red-stripped Cat in the Hat hats form strawberries and marshmallows layered atop an Oreo cookie.

As Lexi read, 9-year-old Abigaile Tolley who enjoyed her green eggs and ham on a table, volunteered that she liked the Cat in Hat hats much better.

In the gym, 14-year-old Chloe Howell and Astyn Depew, nearly 14, helped Mrs. Cindy Gouge lead the younger girls in a futuristic art project based on Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

Asked the draw where they would go in the next 20 years, the girls, like Seuss, put pen to paper. To illustrate their task, Chloe, who aspires to be a graphic or interior design artist set to work on a graphic of her future career spelled out in big bold block letters. And Astyn, who can see herself in an acting, film of design career, sketched out a Shakespearean call from Juliet to Romeo, where forth ever he might be.

Future professional soccer player Libby Story with the Southside School Panthers drew her future self on a soccer field while her friend Patience Behrer, an aspiring storm chaser, placed herself well ahead of a approaching tornado.

As Mrs. Gouge contentedly sketched a mental picture of herself in Hawaii, Mrs. Sandy Howard was down the hall with the girls in the Girls Inc. Art Room getting down and gooey with Seuss’ “Bartholomew and the Oobleck.”

As her helper, 12-year-old Shamya Napier told Seuss’ lesser known tale of a discontented king who ordered his magicians to muster up something other than rain, snow and sunshine to fall from the sky, Mrs. Howard and girls brewed the sticky oobleck that mired his kingdom in big a sticky mess.

With one part corn starch and just the enough water to wet, the curious substance rose in their soup bowls, hardened under the pressure of their fingers then quickly melted back into their bowls, just like the oobleck when the sunshine returned to the Bartholomew’s kingdom.

“We did it Friday because his birthday was Saturday,” Girls Inc. Program Director Nikki Hughes said of Theodore Seuss Geisel, the American poet and cartoonist who died in 1991 at the age of 89. “Friday is our activities day and there’s always something going on.”

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