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Group looks to extend sewer service through Milligan

March 7th, 2014 10:54 am by John Thompson

Group looks to extend sewer service through Milligan

ELIZABETHTON — The citizens of Elizabethton who live on the Milligan Highway were not forgotten when the Elizabethton Regional Planning Commission approved the city’s 2014-2019 capital improvement plan budget for the city Thursday night.

Commissioner Melanie Sellers moved to amend the proposed improvement plan to include the extension of sewerage to the residents who live on the Milligan Highway. A plan for sewer services was adopted by the city when the area was annexed into the city more than a decade ago. She noted the sewer line extension was not included in the capital improvement plan for the next five years.

Sellers also moved to limit items on the list to purely capital projects. She said the list of maintenance and repair work should not be a part of the capital improvement plan but could still be included in the proposed annual budget.

Planning Director Jon Hartman said the reason the Planning Commission approves the plan is to make sure the capital projects plan is aligned with the planning commission’s objectives. He said the document is a planning document.

Sellers said the plan should reflect the need to extend essential services to citizens as a priority over other projects.

The plan, with Sellers’ amendments, was approved.

Some of the major items on the plan were a $1 million expense to replace the ladder truck for the Elizabethton Fire Department, scheduled for replacement in 2018-19. A state revolving fund is projected to fund a $1.7 million upgrade to the wastewater plant. There are numerous projects for the airport to be funded with a Tennessee Department of Transportation Aeronautics Grant, including $1 million for runway extension.

The plan also includes a proposed enlargement of the police station for $825,000 and an extension of the existing fire station for $75,000. Among other things, the fire station extension would enable the department to relocate the ladder truck downtown.

The planners also examined the results of a recent analysis of the availability of housing for the population according to household income. Hartman said the study showed there was a surplus in housing on the lower end of the earning scale. There was also a deficit of housing on the upper-income levels.

Hartman said the planners could help with improving the housing distribution by providing incentives to developers.

The planners also unanimously approved the final site plan for a new pavilion at Kiwanis Park. The new pavilion will include a concession stand.

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