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Post transplant valve surgery goes well

March 5th, 2014 9:27 pm by Sue Guinn Legg

Post transplant valve surgery goes well

Less than three months after receiving a heart and double lung transplant, 7-year-old Weston Keeton of Blountville sailed through heart valve replacement surgery Wednesday morning at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“His surgeon has been really pleased. He said it went better than he even imagined,” his mother Julie Keeton said early Wednesday night. “He hopes to get him up tomorrow.”

“Overall, he looks really good. His color is real good. His stomach is less swollen than before when his valve wasn’t working properly. . . His face is a lot less swollen.

“We are encourage by all of that and by all the people who posted on Facebook today. For us, it’s a testament to our faith to see all the people who are praying for him,” Julie Keeton said.

With the family’s online requests for prayers, they also encouraged everyone to wear red on Wednesday in support of Weston and to post their photos on their Praying for Weston and Weston’s Warriors Facebook pages so that they could show him how many people are cheering him on.

In response, the photos went up in mass early Wednesday and increased through day as the Keetons posted news that the surgery was underway at about 10 a.m., that Weston had been placed on the bypass pump around11, and finally at about 1 p.m. that “Weston is done and doing well! We should get to see him soon!”

His mother said Wednesday night Weston woke up twice during the day and even sat up and at some ice but was given pain medicine and was resting again after he reported his chest was hurting.

“The first 48 hours are the most critical and they are watching him closely,” she said.

To ease everyone’s tension, Julie and Adam Keeton also posted photos taken early Wednesday of the many laughs Weston and the CHOP staff shared prior the surgery, including one of Weston with an Elf on a Shelf dressed in operating room regalia complete with a surgical mask and tiny blue plastic gloves.

For the many friends and followers who have requested Weston’s physical address, his mother asked the Johnson City Press share his contact information at CHOP so that he can receive their support via US Mail at: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Weston Keeton, 6 South, Room 17, Philadelphia, Pa., 19104.

Regular updates on Weston’s condition can be found online at The family requests continued prayers.

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