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Police Blotter: Extreme purse-snatching, the butter knife attack, and more

March 3rd, 2014 6:01 pm by Staff Reports

Police Blotter: Extreme purse-snatching, the butter knife attack, and more

On second thought, I'll take yours. When a man realized he didn't have enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes from a gas station, he went out to his car to get the money he needed. After he returned with the appropriate amount of cash, however, and the clerk opened the register to conclude the sale, he reached into the drawer and made off with $22 in stolen cash. Police caught up with him 10 hours later and charged him with theft from a building.

College town hazards. After he had recycled some cardboard, a Holston Distributing Company driver returned to his truck to find two half-barrel kegs missing. The driver told police that an older-model white car was previously parked next to his truck and that, after he returned, he saw the car was gone, his trailer doors were open, and kegs of Bud Light and Michelob Ultra had gone missing.

God's gig is canceled. A church secretary went to work one day to find the church had been ransacked and robbed. Among the stolen items was an electric guitar, an electric bass, and a Pearl drum set.

Drive-by choking? A man told police he was walking through a parking lot when another man in a convertible stopped, got out of his car, approached him, and began choking him. While he was being choked, the man said his assailant kept saying he would kill him, and, at one point, punched him in the face. After a third party separated them, the attacker got back into his car and drove away. The man could not identify his attacker when he talked to police.

Purse-snatching cubed. A loss prevention employee at TJ Maxx told police he watched a woman grab three purses off the rack, run out the front door and into a green Chevrolet pickup, which then sped away. They might not get too far; police said a customer was able to give them the license plate number. 

Almost-public library. Police arrested a man on suspicion that he was on the Johnson City Public Library's trespass list. The man told police that it was actually his twin brother who was on the library's trespass list. Police would find out this was true, but the man himself was on the list, too.

I can't believe it's not assault. A woman was arrested after her boyfriend said she threatened him with a butter knife. The man said the two had been fighting before she retrieved the knife from the kitchen and approached him in the bathroom. He told police she scratched him as he shoved her away before he called police. She was charged with aggravated assault.

Click it or ... felony charges. After police stopped a man for driving without a seat belt, one of them said he had marijuana and prescription pills out in plain sight on his passenger's seat. After the man was in custody, police said he told them there was nothing else in the car and consented to a search. A K9 unit found more than 61 grams of marijuana and 29 Xanax pills under the passenger's seat.

Innocent but guilty. Police stopped a car that was believed to be driven by a couple who had stolen a purse in Sullivan County. Although the couple didn't have the purse, the man, who was the vehicle's passenger, was arrested for public intoxication after he got out of the car, and the woman, the driver, was arrested for identity theft and driving on a revoked license.

Pizza would have been cheaper. EMS responded to a gas station after a man called and said he was experiencing chest pains. After they arrived, however, he said he just wanted something to eat. When police arrived, they described the man as smelling strongly of alcohol, and arrested him for public intoxication.

The Police Blotter is compiled from Johnson City Police Department reports.

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