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Tennessee ranks in top in meth costs

March 2nd, 2014 2:27 pm by Duane W. Gang, The Tennessean

Tennessee ranks in top in meth costs

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that has taken its toll on Tennesseans across the state. But the costs of meth go far beyond addiction and lost lives.

Cost to nation: $23.4 billion to $48 billion

In a 2009 report, Rand Corp. studied the costs of methamphetamine around the nation, ranking Tennessee at the top. A Rand study estimated the economic costs of meth reached $23.4 billion a year — with some estimates reaching as high as $48 billion.

Tennessee represents more than 7 percent of the $23.4 billion
nationwide costs of the problem.

Cost to Tennessee: $1.6 billion

Estimated economic cost each year in Tennessee as a result of meth use. This includes enforcement, cleanup and treatment, along with what the researchers said were intangible costs such as the loss of quality of life.

Tennessee's top costs

$300 million: Enforcement is the largest portion of the costs to Tennesseans. In 2013, the state had 1,685 meth busts, the second most in the nation. Only Missouri had more.

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