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All I want for Christmas is...

December 23rd, 2013 6:55 pm by Tony Casey

All I  want for Christmas is...

Ryan Wolf and Elizabeth Hughes

Shoppers were out in full force over the last several days at The Mall at Johnson City, busily fulfilling all the wishes on their Christmas lists. With giving being the trend of the season, the corollary for that would be that someone also has to get.

Tablets and e-readers, video game systems, speakers, cameras, smartphones and smart watches reign supreme as the top tech gifts, said a recent “Ultimate Gadget Gift Guide” article in Forbes magazine, but many people said they would be content with something less flashy, and more practical. And some, of course, don’t want anything at all.

Check out some of the responses we got when asking people what they want for Christmas this year:

Wendy Guinn, Johnson City: Guinn said that, as a mother, what she wants most is a better camera to take pictures of her 5-year-old son and two teenage daughters. She said she already received a hefty gift from her employer, East Tennessee State University, who gave her a paid week’s vacation so she, and her fellow employees, can spend time with their families before ramping things back up next semester. As for the camera, she said her not-so-subtle hints have been strong enough to let her believe one will be coming her way.

Julia Slagle, Elizabethton: Slagle’s Christmas wish is simple. She said she has a sick mother-in-law, and all she wants is for her to find her way back to full health.

Jessekah, Moriah and Rachel Gonzalez, Bristol: This trio of ladies, sisters Jessekah and Moriah, with Moriah’s daughter, Rachel, will all be looking for shoes under their Christmas tree, but shoes of different varieties. Three-year-old Rachel would love to find herself in a new pair of pink Hello Kitty boots after Christmas. Her aunt, 17-year-old Jessekah, said she wants a pair of heeled boots with studs on the side. Punk girlie stuff is her style, she added. With opposite interests in boots, is her sister, Moriah, who wants Santa Claus to bring her stylish dress-up boots she can wear with a variety of outfits.

Saad and Ariana Al-Ameri, Greeneville: Five-year-old Ariana is looking for dolls that come with various outfits while her father said he just wants to have time to spend with his family.

Ryan Wolf, Johnson City: Wolf and his girlfriend Elizabeth Hughes recently purchased a 20-foot pontoon boat. With that in mind, Wolf would love a pair of marine-quality speakers for his new boat. For other gift options, Wolf said he could use power tools to help with projects at the couple’s new house.

Frank Cooper, Newport: Cooper hopes he gets gift cards to restaurants, specifically Arby’s. Every morning, Cooper and other retiree friends meet up at an Arby’s and chat. While he always goes to the same Arby’s, he said he changes up what he orders each day. 

Ishmael Ouattara, Johnson City: This 20-year-old Science Hill graduate now attends the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where he studies business. This Christmas, he hopes to get new shoes, specifically some Jordans. He said he deserves them, but he’s not so sure he’ll actually get them.

Bruce and Mandy Nutter, Kingsport: Father Bruce, said he would love for Saint Nick to bring him a men’s groomer for trimming his moustache and facial hair, plus new sweatshirts for his job in landscaping. Daughter Mandy said she’d love to get a new guitar or clothes. As far as gifts she’ll give, she said she’s going to be cooking a lot of food for family and friends.

People get too caught up in the gift giving and gift receiving, the 17-year-old Dobyns-Bennett junior said.

“A lot of people focus on gifts, but overall, we should be focusing on family,” Nutter said.

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