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Officer has sleepless night after rescuing woman

December 13th, 2013 10:17 pm by Becky Campbell

Officer has sleepless night after rescuing woman

Washington County sheriff's Deputy Darrell Collins

Washington County sheriff’s Deputy Darrell Collins didn’t get much sleep Thursday after his overnight shift because the adrenaline from his last call of the night had his blood pumping.

“This is the first time I have personally, and from what I’m told, one of the first in-progress rapes that’s been stopped,” Collins said.

He’s talking about the call for help along Cash Hollow Road around 4 a.m. Thursday. A dispatcher sent him to the 500 block after receiving a call from a woman being attacked inside a vehicle.

The woman kept the call to 911 open, which allowed a dispatcher to hear what was going on and direct officers to the correct location.

Collins found the car and pulled Carlos Enrique Alegria, 27, 204 Wilson Ave., off the woman. Alegria, who apparently speaks no English, was arraigned in Washington County Sessions Court on Friday on charges of aggravated rape and resisting arrest.

Through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, Alegria responded quietly to questions from Judge Robert Lincoln. The judge appointed the public defender’s office to represent Alegria and kept the bond at $50,000.

The incident happened as Alegria was driving a vehicle with a female passenger. At this point authorities don’t know where the two had been, where they were going or how they know each other.

“We just know she was in the car with him,” said Sheriff Ed Graybeal on Thursday.

In a brief phone interview with Collins, he said he’s never encountered a situation like what he found in Alegria’s car.

“When I opened the car door and was getting the subject to exit the vehicle, that’s when the Johnson City officer showed up as backup,” he said.

“(Alegria) saw my headlights when I pulled up. When I opened the car door, he was rolling off her. I told him to get out of the car,” Collins said, adding he had his service weapon drawn and pointed at Alegria.

“I told him to put his hand behind his back, but he put them behind his head. I reached up and got his right hand to cuff him. He turned like he was going to run or hit me,” Collins said.

That’s when Collins used his electrical shock gun to subdue Alegria and take him into custody.

Collins said he worked almost a double shift Thursday because of the subsequent investigation and paperwork, but found it hard to sleep when he finally got home.

Finding Alegria’s vehicle on Cash Hollow Road wasn’t as easy as it might sound, although information relayed to him from the dispatcher helped considerably.

Technology allowed the dispatcher to use what’s called a “ping,” which is when a cell phone signal bounces between the device and the nearest tower. That gave a general location of the woman’s cell phone.

“I  wasn’t sure where they were at first because the cell phone was pinging in the 700 block and the 500 block of Cash Hollow,” Collins said. He made one stop, then realized it was the wrong location and drove on a short way before he found Alegria.

Alegria remains in custody at the Washington County Detention Center. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled Dec. 17.

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