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Carter Co. man wounded while watching neighbors shooting in target practice

November 15th, 2013 2:59 pm by John Thompson

Carter Co. man wounded while watching neighbors shooting in target practice

ELIZABETHTON — A man was accidentally shot while watching neighbors shooting at targets on Thursday.

Carter County Sheriff's Deputy Brady Higgins responded to the incident on Dugger Branch Road shortly after noon. He said he first spoke with Sharon Livingston. She told him Luther Taylor, 67, had been sitting on the front porch, watching neighbors target shooting in a field next to the house.

Livingston said she heard Taylor start screaming from the porch. When she went outside, she saw him grabbing his right leg and noticed he was bleeding. She said she took him inside and called 911.

Higgins spoke with Taylor, who told him he was watching the target practice when he suddenly felt something hit his leg that hurt.

Higgins then spoke with one of the target shooters, Ethan Estep, 18. Estep said he and some friends were shooting at glass bottles in the ground, using a Springfield .22 caliber rifle. 

Estep said when he fired a shot, he heard Taylor screaming. They went to check on him because they didn't know what happened.  Estep said they were shooting in a field towards the creek, at an angle from the residence. A creek and several trees were between them. 

The Carter County Rescue Squad checked Taylor and found the injury was only a minor laceration, possibly caused by a ricochet off a rock.. Luther and his family refused transport to have his leg examined.

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