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Trick or Treat! A sweet perspective on Halloween candy favorites

October 29th, 2013 8:58 pm by Jennifer Sprouse

Trick or Treat! A sweet perspective on Halloween candy favorites

From the sweet to the sour, to the gummy and gooey, everyone has a personal favorite and preference when it comes to Halloween candy.

After consulting three candy experts, Halle Anderson, 8, Harmony Behrer, 8, and Lucas Foster, 9, all third-graders at South Side Elementary School, on their favorite and least favorite candies, the jury is in, as well as a few dropped hints as to what they really want to find in their treat bags on Halloween night.

“My favorite thing that I’ve gotten in the bag was Jolly Ranchers,” Harmony said. “I love Jolly Ranchers. I like Twizzlers. I really don’t want to see Kit-Kats or Tootsie Rolls, because every time I eat one (Tootsie Roll) ... it’s too rich for me.”

Dressing up this Halloween as The Mad Hatter from the “Alice in Wonderland” books and film adaptations, Harmony said her favorite Jolly Ranchers are the green-apple flavored, but said there’s one candy she definitely cannot stomach.

“The weirdest thing I’ve gotten was Bit-O-Honey (candies). I hate those,” she said. 

Lucas, who will be Captain America this Halloween, said he was the exact opposite of Behrer, by liking Kit-Kats and not being a fan of Twizzlers.

He said some of the interesting things he’s found in his bag after a night of trick-or-treating has been “little packs of things that had like a bunch of erasers and stickers and pencils.”

Not minding the non-candy items, Lucas said he liked it, but not enough to completely discount the sugary treats.

“Half and half,” he said. “Half candy and half fun things.”

Halle said her least favorite candy was also Tootsie Rolls because of their gooey texture, but said she’s happy to trade over the small cylinder candies between her siblings for a bite of a Kit-Kat bar because she loves “chocolate and they’re really yummy.”

One of the craziest things she said she’s ever had in her Halloween bag was the year she was given an apple.

After considering the phrase of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” Halle said simply, “I’ll go to the doctor instead of having an apple,” not impressed with the healthy “candy” alternative.

Excited to be a purple butterfly this Halloween, she said she’s especially excited to take on her favorite trick-or-treat hot spots, such as the Tree Streets neighborhood, with her family.

“I like Halloween because you get to embrace what you want to be and you can be whatever you want,” Halle said. “I’m excited that I get to be with my family.”

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