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Police: 2 caught making meth in Elizabethton woods near apartment complex

September 27th, 2013 10:25 am by John Thompson

Police: 2 caught making meth in Elizabethton woods near apartment complex

Booking photos of Katrina Peters and Scott Peters

ELIZABETHTON — Two Lynnwood Apartments residents were arrested late Thursday night on accusations that they were making meth in a wooded area behind a residence near the complex.

Katrina A. Peters, 19, and Scott C. Peters, 28, both of 1271 Bluefield Ave., Apt. A-8, were arrested after police were called to 1119 Bluefield Avenue in reference to possible trespassing.

Police said the caller reported seeing a light on in an outbuilding located in the back yard of the residence and feared that someone may be inside. As police approached on foot, they saw a small fire in a wooded area behind the residence. The fire was quickly extinguished, and two people ran away and ignored police commands to stop.

Police eventually caught the pair in the woods. The caller was acquainted with both Scott and Katrina Peters and told police they had been advised not to be on the property.

Checking the area of the fire, police found several items consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine inside a plastic garbage bag. A plastic bottle containing sulfuric acid and several mason jars were lying next to the bag. 

Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force agents were notified and responded to the scene. Items found included a “one pot” methamphetamine lab, an empty bottle of drain opener, empty boxes of pseudoephedrine tablets, mason jars and coffee filters.

Katrina and Scott Peters were charged with evading arrest, criminal trespass, reckless burning, initiation of the process to result in the manufacture of methamphetamine and promotion of methamphetamine. Carter County Sessions Court hearings were set for Oct. 28.

In mid-September, a 3-year-old boy was burned with sulfuric acid from a soda bottle in Lynnwood Apartments.

Elizabethton Police Chief Greg Workman said the methamphetamine arrest on Thursday is unrelated to that incident, in which sulfuric acid had been contained in a Dr. Enuf glass bottle.

Workman said the police department is continuing to look into information from that incident. He said sulfuric acid is a component of methamphetamine manufacture.

“There may have been a legitimate reason for having the sulfuric acid,” Workman said. He questioned why it was stored in a glass Dr. Enuf bottle.

He said it was not normal in methamphetamine manufacturing to store acid in a glass bottle because the chemical reaction causes the bottle to expand. For that reason, plastic 2-liter bottles are the container of choice.

Even though both incidents occurred on Bluefield Avenue, Workman said the methamphetamine problem is very widespread across the state. He said it is more common in the rural areas and more common in the county than in cities.

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