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Press wants your input for Community Advisory Board

September 14th, 2013 8:28 pm by Jennifer Sprouse

Press wants your input for Community Advisory Board

Do you have a critical eye and a grasp on the wants and needs surrounding Johnson City, Washington County and the regional community? If so, the Johnson City Press wants to hear from you.

In an effort to reach the diversity of readership in our area, the Press is creating a Community Advisory Board that will meet monthly to discuss topics pertaining to the paper’s content development.

The board, along with Press staff representatives, will be encouraged to share suggestions and comments revolving around community ideas for coverage and how the Press can shape story topics to reach the maximum number of readers.

In the recruiting stage, the Press is looking for candidates from all walks of life, specialities and skills, including but not limited to high school and college students, stay-at-home moms, local business owners, seniors and retirees and web-only readers — as well as non-readers — for the board.

“In the past year we’ve brought out new websites, we’ve brought out new products, we’ve brought out new ways to communicate with people and we need to educate people on what they are, how we’re using them, but more importantly, ask our readers do they work for them,” Johnson City Press Publisher Justin Wilcox said. “This is an attempt to re-engage our audience, grow our audience (and) make sure that the audience we have is satisfied, but also dive into folks who don’t use us day-to-day — maybe people who have never been introduced to us before.

“People have more options to select what they want to read and where they go, so it’s imperative for us to make sure that we’re asking the right questions and getting the proper direction from our audience.”

Wilcox said while the board is not a decision-making body, he hopes selected members will take ownership in the success of the newspaper and its website through their contributions as board members.

“I’m looking forward to the feedback,” he said. “I’m looking forward to getting the community re-engaged with who we are. I think it’s a very important step as we move forward determining who we are as a news-gathering body.”

From the pool of possible candidates who either volunteer or are suggested by the public for one of the board positions, those selected will hold their positions on the board for one year.

Those interested in participating in the Community Advisory Board should contact staff writers Becky Campbell at, Joe Avento at or Jennifer Sprouse at by Sept. 30 or call the newsroom at 929-3111, ext. 396.

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