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Methed-out man mistakes girlfriend for daughter

June 19th, 2013 2:14 pm by Staff Report

Methed-out man mistakes girlfriend for daughter

• Spiteful renters leave mess for landlord. People who used to rent a house on Grover Street decided to pay their landlord back for evicting them on June 2. The landlord told police he went to the home on June 7 and found trash, rotten food and animal feces all over the residence and in every room. A door frame was broken and another had been chewed on by a dog. The landlord had inspected the place on March 1 and it was not in that condition. Police were told it was trashed on purpose.

• Methed-out man mistakes girlfriend for daughter. A Roan Mountain man’s hallucination after using meth made him think his girlfriend was his daughter. The girlfriend ran out of the house after the man began assaulting her and threatening to kill her. He dragged her back inside the home and she locked herself in the bathroom until police arrived. He was fined $25, ordered to pay court costs and placed on probation for a year.

• Minor mailbox mayhem. As he was walking out the door, a juvenile grabbed mail from a local non-profit group’s mailbox and ran across the street. A member of the organization saw him and chased after him. The juvenile dropped the mail and ran away. All the mail was recovered but the group member plans to press charges. 

• Man loses money in drug deal, lies to police to get their help. A Johnson City man lied to police when he reported he had been robbed at knife point. After the man gave a description, police located the assailant’s car, which actually turned out to be the man’s drug dealer. In reality, the man had met a drug dealer earlier in the day to exchange $40 for morphine pills, but the drug dealer didn’t return with the pills. After finally admitting to criminal investigators that he lied, he was charged with filing a false report.

• Only you can prevent cardboard box fires. Cardboard boxes were set on fire outside of Mahoney’s and damaged the building’s siding on June 12. Employees were able to put the fire out before police arrived and will review surveillance footage to see if there are any arson suspects to report to police.

• Dumpster drunkster. Enough was said to send a man to jail for public intoxication when he responded with “some people think Moby Dick is a venereal disease” and “some people think Ernest Tubbs is a place to take a bath” when officers asked for his name. Police found the man stumbling around inside a Johnson City store nearly knocking displays over. The clerk told police the man had entered the store earlier to purchase beer and he then went to sit behind a restaurant’s dumpsters to drink it.

• Assault victim fights back. While behind a local gas station, a man pointed a black pistol at another man. The victim then grabbed a shovel from his truck and struck the assailant on his left forearm resulting in a severe laceration and possible broken bones. Police photographed drops of blood on the pavement while investigating the attack.

• Weed wallet. While investigating whether a suspicious vehicle was linked to a nearby robbery, the woman driver opened her wallet to show police her ID and accidentally exposed her marijuana pipe and a small bag of weed. The cop opened the car door to fetch the items but the woman pulled away. She quickly changed her mind and gave the items to police. She was given a misdemeanor citation and was free to go.

Woman tries out her own Kmart return policy. A woman created her own exchange and return policy at K-Mart after she exchanged one stolen tool set for another one hidden in her purse and then picked up a bag of cat treats before leaving the store. The woman told officers she didn’t want to deal with returning defective items and that she didn’t have any cash to pay for the cat treats that were priced at $1.29.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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