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Obama support, global warming, egg bill support and more in Sunday's Forum

June 16th, 2013 12:00 am by Staff Report

In a recent letter to Forum, someone referred to our president as a king and his court of jesters. Although this was not as rude as most of the name-calling on the right, to me it is just un-American. It surely reflects more on the character of the name-caller than on our president.
Let’s show some respect for the office of the president. Criticize his policies or his actions, but name-calling is beneath us. Of course the tea party started this name-calling, and I am thankful to them for destroying what was once a respectful Republican Party.
I think that President Obama is doing a great job in bringing our country back from the deep recession the Republicans led us into. He has reduced the deficit, saved the auto industry, brought back jobs and seen the economy recovered despite complete obstruction from Republicans.
Remember Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, saying that defeating Obama was their only priority? One would think that the nations’s recovery and jobs would have been No. 1.
The Republican program of deregulation and tax cuts for the richest of Americans plus two wars we could not win or get out of is what caused huge job losses and the deep recession. Obama has initiated many programs to speed up our recovery. Republicans have opposed everything. They have no plan, they just preach supply-side economics (feed the rich), and good things will trickle down.
Friends, it won’t trickle down, but will feed offshore bank accounts. The economy is driven by demand, that’s people working and spending money for goods and services. If the middle class suffers, the demand falls and the economy suffers.
Obama is working for us, the middle class. The Republican Party represents the rich and powerful. We should be supporting President Obama, who works and cares for us, not calling him names.
Johnson City
Support ‘egg bill’
I write to encourage U.S. Rep. Phil Roe to vote in favor HR 1731, a proposed amendment to the farm bill that is widely supported and could alleviate a considerable amount of animal suffering.
Currently, the majority of the 280 million hens raised for eggs in the United States are crammed in to tiny battery cages. These crates are so small that the hens cannot even fully extend their wings and often cannot even stand up straight.
That’s why we’ve joined together in support of the “egg bill” that will phase out these crates once and for all. Please do the right thing, Congressman, and vote yes on HR 1731.
Johnson City
Global warming
In his letter June 5, Ron McCarley warns against being duped by phony “consensus” arguments on climate change. It’d help if his own analysis weren’t so abominably shallow and his data suspect.
He might look to the latest MIT study (2012) for evidenced information. It’s the study to which even Exxon and American Petroleum Institute spokespersons have directed questions regarding their understanding of climate change. Called the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, it “combines cutting-edge scientific research with independent policy analysis to provide a solid foundation for the public and private decisions needed to mitigate and adapt to unavoidable global environmental changes.” (MIT Global Change)
MIT’s study is surprisingly easy reading, with conclusions presented on the first pages. Following pages provide evidence for projections about the dangerous consequences of delaying major steps toward stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations. They consistently use the word “projection,” not “prediction,” because they say it’s still “within our power to change the current path if we don’t like its implications.”
They then proceed to project the highest temperature change by century’s end of any study so far, ranging from 3.5 to 7 degrees centigrade, which by Fahrenheit measure will be an average increase of 9 degrees. Experts might disagree as to what constitutes dangerous levels but the MIT folks propose that no one would argue their findings “constitute danger.”
The few industry-funded “experts” who dis-inform and deny decades-old consensus and cowardly politicians who abet are being discredited — as are ideologues who, for whatever reason, cherry-pick data and create factitious scenarios. For real-time, real-life perspective, we, including McCarley, might investigate current initiatives by our military to address global warming which, in their assessment, is now the greatest threat to global stability and national security. Few naysayers there, and “green” is good.
College is a scam
College education is overpriced and a moneymaking scam at some colleges according to the documentary, “College Conspiracy.”
The costs to attend a state college or university in Tennessee have more than doubled in the last decade. The price of textbooks has tripled. Students take longer to graduate. As a result, the lottery scholarship won’t pay their complete tuition.
Colleges need to stop being greedy and wasteful and keep tuition costs down. Students need to study harder (students spend seven times more time socializing than studying) and be realists and prepare for the real world.
C.S. Lewis said, “God is no fonder of intellectual slackers than any other slackers.”
The Bible contains more wisdom than all textbooks and professors combined, as some of our presidents have said. Some pompous professors push propaganda instead of education and indoctrinate students to their worldview.
A degree doesn’t guarantee a good job. One-third of college graduates will always be underemployed and never benefit financially from their degree, while the average college graduate has more than $25,000 in loans they must pay back. In America, college graduates are working behind the register at retail stores like Walmart (365,000), flipping burgers and waiting on tables (317,000) and working as janitors (more than 100,000).
Many skilled workers such as plumbers, electricians and mechanics make more than most college graduates.
Almost 30 percent of students with loans drop out of college with debt but no degree. Most people benefit from college if they don’t incur debt. At least one-third of college graduates, however, find they spend four years of their lives being indoctrinated and incurring huge loans for the opportunity to be unemployed or underemployed and buried in debt the rest of their lives.
For these, the college diploma and tassel isn’t worth the hassle.

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