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Does Josh Hyder look like the Duck Commander?

June 15th, 2013 9:44 pm by Kayla Carter

Does Josh Hyder look like the Duck Commander?

Josh Hyder won the overall Duck Commander look- alike contest at the Fountain of Life Bible Church's 'Duck Dynasty' themed event held at the Appalachian Fairgrounds on Saturday. (Dave Boyd/Johnson City Press)

For the Ferguson family, fans of the Robertson family — Phil, Si, Willie, Jace, Jep and Kay — of the A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty,” Saturday’s church event was a chance to come together and enjoy a good show.

“We love ‘Duck Dynasty.’ Can’t you tell?” said Kim Ferguson, pointing to her two sons donning T-shirts with their favorite “Duck Dynasty” family member — Si — on them.

An extenuation of the Ferguson family’s favorite TV show was brought to the Appalachian Fairgrounds on Saturday by Fountain of Life Bible Church, with the Duck Commander Look Alike Weekend. 

Ferguson said her family sits down together to watch the show every time it’s on TV.

After the audience’s applause was evaluated, it was determined that Josh Hyder won the contest for the best overall Duck Commander look- alike. 

Hyder said as soon as the show came out on TV, he started having multiple people tell him he looks like Willie.

“Everybody says I look like Willie from ‘Duck Dynasty,’ ” said Hyder, who is also a fan of the show. “I think it’s funny.”

Although they cheered their hardest for the member of their church who entered the contest, Kim Ferguson said Hyder’s resemblance to Willie deserved a few cheers from her family, too.

“The guy looked so much like Willie, how could you not?” she said. “We just had to root for him.”

 It was suggested by Hyder’s in-laws that he sign up for the contest. Hyder said it felt good to have the audience cheering for him while he was on stage and to receive a $100 prize.

“There was some good competition,” Hyder said.

Ferguson’s sons, Braeden and Eli, said they thought the contest was, just as predicted, hilarious and “awesome.”

Ferguson said she also likes to make sure her family spends time together away from the TV.

“Anytime we can come out as a family, we have fun, especially when we are able to do something with the church,” Ferguson said.

Cultural interests among the church’s members are embraced like motorcycles, cars and now, TV shows, and Ferguson said that’s her favorite part about attending the church with her family.

“We love it. We have a lot of fun at our church,” Ferguson said. “This is one of the biggest reasons we go to this church. They always try to do things to get the public involved. They do things that are involved in the culture right now. It’s great that we can do things like this for God.”

Fountain of Life Bible Church Pastor Vic Young said the “Duck Dynasty” show’s popularity prompted the church to have a little fun with its theme this weekend. 

“It’s a very popular show right now and it just seems to extenuate family values,” Young said. “I don’t care if you’re 5 years old or 105, the whole family can sit together and watch it. It makes you feel good and at the same time it deals with things I think everybody can relate to in some shape, form or fashion — the dynamics of a family. It’s just something that is very popular and resonates with average people.”

It’s all about family values and strengthening families in the area, Young said.

“We are putting a lot of emphasis on family unity and what scripture says about family,” Young said. “Just like on the ‘Duck Dynasty’ show, they kind of finish every episode around the table, having prayer together and just things that are conducive to good family unity.” 

Overall, Young said he hopes the event and family values found therein stick in the minds of those who attended for years to come.

“I just hope we can make a memory,” Young said. “I hope everybody has a good time with their family.

“At Fountain of Life Bible Church, we try to serve the community and try to be very bibliocentric and at the same time realize that you can be a Christian, have a good time and help to propagate things that changes peoples’ lives for the positive.”

The three-day event started off with a 5K run Friday and before the look-alike contest was held Saturday, the event featured a car and bike show.

Contests were held during the car show, which focused on 4-wheel drive and off-road motorcycles, and included categories like Muddiest SUV, Best Customized Golf Cart, Baddest 4 Wheel Drive and Baddest ATV and Dual Sport Bike.

Trophies were awarded to contestants in an archery contest and golf cart and lawnmower drag races.

Saturday’s festivities ended with bands Fortress, Ivy Road and Face Like Flint playing after all awards were given.

All proceeds from the event were donated to the Niswonger Children’s Hospital and the weekend will conclude with a morning service at 10 on Sunday inside the main building at the Appalachian Fairgrounds.

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