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Women fight in parking lot 'over a monkey . . . a real monkey'

June 14th, 2013 9:34 am by Rain Smith, NET News Service

Women fight in parking lot 'over a monkey . . . a real monkey'

KINGSPORT — Police were alerted to women fighting in the parking lot of a Kingsport business "over a monkey...a real monkey." Dispatchers then learned one suspect had fled in a car with the animal: "It has been monkeyknapped."

An officer responded to speak with the female who remained behind, getting her account of the rhesus monkey's sale — and subsequent dispute over the amount paid. She claimed that when they met in the parking lot to resolve the issue, the other woman attacked. She then held up for police a "clump of hair" alleged to have been pulled from her head.

Meanwhile, the alleged monkey thief who had fled soon visited the Mount Carmel Police Department, wishing to file an assault report on the other individual. Both women were advised of how to pursue charges, while disputes over the monkey's sale would be a civil issue.

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