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Johnson City school board discusses Science Hill High School field house location ideas

June 4th, 2013 11:18 am by Madison Mathews

Johnson City school board discusses Science Hill High School field house location ideas

The potential location of a new field house at Science Hill High School’s Kermit Tipton Stadium was one of the main points of discussion for the Johnson City Board of Education on Monday night.

Board chairwoman Kathy Hall said the city has a committee working with the school’s athletic department in how to move forward with a new facility.

“What we’ve heard is that a two-story version is more expensive than the funds that we think can be raised,” she said.

There are no estimated cost figures at this point.

One of the possible locations is a portion of the practice field that sits behind the bleachers where the band is stationed.

The school board said building on that property would not interfere with any activities at this time.

While that site could be used, board members agreed that saving green space is their first priority when looking at a location for the field house. 

“We would like to preserve field space, so our first priority is to put it where the current dressing room is because then it doesn’t take away any additional space,” she said.

The board’s second option is to put the field house at the edge of the field where the band’s bleachers are located. If built there, a small portion of the practice field would still be used.

With that option, the band would be moved into the home side bleachers, with the potential for additional bleachers to be added at the end closest to the scoreboard.

Science Hill’s stadium opened in 2010.

When the facility was originally designed, there were plans for a larger field house, but limited funds caused the city to build a smaller field house.

The city went ahead with the smaller facility with the intention of adding a larger field house at a later time.

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