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Hot-headed grandma sets house on fire, cop bitten by dog

June 3rd, 2013 11:19 am by Staff Report

Hot-headed grandma sets house on fire, cop bitten by dog

• You’re going the wrong way! A drunk driver jumped his car across a median to get in the correct lane on North Roan Street after driving the wrong way for about 50 yards on May 30. The driver also ran a red light and hit a curb upon being stopped by police. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence, cited for running a red light and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

• Clumsy criminal’s identity no mystery. Police may have an easier time finding a suspect because he dropped his wallet when he tripped over a low gate while fleeing from a cop during a traffic stop on May 30. The man ran into a heavily wooded area and police found the wallet near the gate with identification inside during a search of the area. A witness confirmed the man’s name and said he ran because he had three shots of alcohol and his drivers license wasn’t current.

• Cool it! A fire extinguisher was the weapon of choice during a fight between two women at a Johnson City apartment complex on May 29. The attacker was drunk when she arrived at a woman’s apartment ready to fight her. The attacker tried to use the fire extinguisher to hit the resident. No charges were filed but the attacker was charged with public intoxication.

• A basket case. While a woman was in the hospital, a drunken suspect took various items from her property including a tablet and pieces of wicker furniture, placed them in her apartment complex entryway and advertised them as free on May 28. One witness took a basket from the pile because she was told by the suspect that the items were up for grabs. The basket was returned to the woman who was in the hospital but the other items have not been located. Witnesses said the suspect giving away the woman’s belongings was heavily intoxicated. The missing items totaled $900.

• Hot-headed grandma sets house on fire, cop bitten by dog. “Watch your grandma,” he said. “She will burn the house down.” That’s what a man’s grandmother’s boyfriend told him when the boyfriend left a Lamont Street house to go to work on May 28. The grandmother came home drunk at 4 a.m. and began yelling at her grandson and her boyfriend, who left for work shortly after. About 6 a.m., the boyfriend’s prediction came true. The grandson saw smoke and flames coming from upstairs and said his grandmother was surprised the flames got so big. The grandmother refused to leave the house and fire fighters broke an upstairs window in order to rescue her. She received medical treatment and a policeman was bitten by a brown pit bull chained to the porch post. The dog, which showed no sign of aggression when the officer first entered the home, broke skin and caused bruising to the officer’s right thigh as he tried to leave the scene after finishing the investigation.

• Man catches crook in action during a smoke break. A 19-year-old man decided to go outside his apartment to smoke a cigarette when he heard glass breaking around the corner on May 26. As he peered around the side of the building, he saw a suspect breaking out a window with a baseball bat. “I’m calling the police,” the man yelled. The suspect fled in a maroon station wagon and the resident’s TV was missing from inside. 

• Police arrest five mannerless drunks. Last week five men who decided to drink a little too much booze were confronted by police for “abnormal behavior.” One Johnson City man was found lying in a pool of drool in the mulch outside of Belk at the Mall of Johnson City while another Johnson City man was spotted urinating on a trash can. An Elizabethton man approached police with an alcoholic beverage in hand and demanded to be taken to jail while he was arguing with other people at a loud party. Police advised him to find a ride home, but he insisted on going to jail. Another incident left a restaurant manager on the floor after a punch to the chest while a drunk customer was being escorted out of the building. On May 26, a caller notified police that a man was staggering down the sidewalk and urinated in front of her house. When police made contact with the man, he was side stepping off the sidewalk and said he had drank two quarts of beer. All were arrested, charged with public intoxication and taken to jail.

• Man leaves girlfriend behind after hitting gas station fuel lines. A man left his girlfriend behind after driving his car into fuel lines that were pumping gas into a local gas station’s tanks on May 23. The man fled the scene to avoid a sixth charge of driving on a revoked license, which was for a previous drunk driving charge. The man came back to the scene after his girlfriend spoke with cops and called him to tell him to come back. The man said he was worried about getting to work on time, which was why he said he left the scene.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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