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Mother charged after child seen in window

May 28th, 2013 10:12 pm by Staff Report

Mother charged after child seen in window

ELIZABETHTON — A mother was arrested on child neglect charges on Sunday after an Elizabethton Police Department officer noticed a 3-year-old child standing on the ledge of an open window of Lynnwood/Lynnridge Apartments.

Amber Elizabeth Murphey, 25, Apt. E-6, 1249 Bluefield Ave., was arrested by Officer Sarah Ellison on a charge of aggravated child neglect and a separate charge of child neglect. She is scheduled to answer the charges in Sessions Court on July 8.

Ellison said she was notified by a witness that the child was standing in the open window. Ellison said the child was holding the window and balancing on the window ledge. She said the window was estimated to be more than 25 feet off the ground.

Ellison coaxed the child to go back inside the apartment, and after it was certain the child would remain there, she went to the front door and began knocking. Ellison said she could hear a child crying inside the apartment.

She said Murphey opened the door. Ellison said it appeared the mother had just woke up. She said the child continued crying and both Murphey and Ellison went inside to check on the child.

Ellison said the bedroom door was tied shut with a leather string. She said it became apparent there were two children inside. Once the string was untied, she said the child she had seen came out the door.

Ellison said Murphey began to change the 3-year-old’s diaper by laying it on the floor, which Ellison described as “filthy.” 

She said Murphey asked her “ ... What are you going to give me a ticket or something?”

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