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How much do you know about Rusty Crowe?

May 26th, 2013 12:00 am by Robert Houk

How much do you know about Rusty Crowe?

How much do you think you know about Crowe? Sen. Rusty Crowe, that is.
Over the years, I have periodically included trivia about the good state senator from Johnson City in my local government quizzes. Today, I respectfully devote the entire quiz to all things Crowe.

1.) As a teenager, Crowe was a lead guitar-playing heartthrob in what R&B band?
A. The Animals
B. C. Vaughn Leslie & His Sleepless Knights
C. Grandma Flack and the Heart Attack
D. The Young Rascals

2.) Crowe earned a degree in __________ from a school in Atlanta.
A. Law
B. Divinity
C. Dentistry
D. Political Science

3.) As a result of Crowe’s distinguished tenure in the General Assembly, he is now:
A. The dean of the Northeast Tennessee delegation in Nashville.
B. The longest-serving senator in the history of the 3rd District.
C. Chairman of the state Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee.
D. All of the above.
4.) Crowe made it on the ballot in 1990 for the state Senate as a:
A. Write-in candidate in the Democratic Primary
B. Libertarian
C. John Birch Society member
D. Member of the Green Party

5.) Crowe shocked members of his own party in 1995 when he was:
A. A fan of Billy Ray Cyrus
B. Switching parties
C. Backing Ross Perot for president in 1996
D. Quitting the Senate if Ralph Nader wasn’t allowed on the presidential ballot in Tennessee

6.) Crowe once worked for the:
A. Tennessee Department of Correction
C. East Tennessee State University
D. All of the above

7.) While a student at ETSU, Crowe shared an apartment with:
A. George Soros
B. Tommy Lee Jones
C. A former Johnson City mayor known to the readers of this column as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”
D. Ricky Nelson

8.) As a young school boy, Crowe and his classmates spoke what language?
A. English
B. French
C. Spanish
D. Yiddish

9.) Crowe and his wife, Sarah, hold a patent on what invention?
A. A car periscope
B. A medicine-administrating infant pacifier
C. A belt-less raincoat
D. A laser-powered ear hair trimmer

1.) B (Crowe is a very good guitar picker); 2.) A; 3.) D; 4.) A (And it was one of the wildest primaries I have ever seen.); 5.) B (Crowe switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party.); 6.) D; 7.) C; 8.) B (Crowe’s family was living in a former French colony at the time.); 9.) B.

Robert Houk is Opinion  page editor for the Johnson City Press. He can be reached at

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