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Grandparents curse, threaten teachers at school picnic

May 23rd, 2013 4:25 pm by Rain Smith, NET News Service

Grandparents curse, threaten teachers at school picnic

Police were alerted to an adult "threatening teachers" during a picnic at Central Heights Elementary School. One teacher had told a student, whose grandparents were in attendance for the event, to stop running six times.

A police report states she eventually placed her hands on the child's shoulders, in accordance with the school's training, to make him stop. The student then "threw himself to the ground saying he was hurt" — igniting a profanity-laced tirade from the grandparents.

Police say the grandmother "put her finger" in one teacher's face, saying she'd "come after them" if they ever touched the child again. She's also alleged to have, "made threats against their lives." No charges were placed in the incident. 

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