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Boy Scouts decision and more letters in Sunday's Forum

May 19th, 2013 11:00 pm by Staff Report

In asking its readers whether the Boy Scouts of America should revoke its ban on openly gay members, as it continues to forbid gay men from taking leadership roles in its organization, I believe the editors of this newspaper are posing the wrong question. A more appropriate query would be whether compassionate citizens of America can rightly support an organization that fosters bigotry.
Biological and social science research increasingly shows that homosexual orientation is genetically determined and present from a person’s earliest sexual awareness. This is additionally borne out by the testimonials of countless gay men and women. Given this data, intellectually honest people with minds unclouded by culturally and religiously sanctioned prejudice can no longer claim that sexual orientation is a “lifestyle choice” or a moral failing.
As such, the Boy Scouts’ current policies toward homosexuals are nothing less than codified ignorance and hatred. Considering the high rates of depression and suicide among gay adolescents, I think it’s appropriate to question how the BSA’s stated aim of instilling values and character in American youngsters can coexist with its heaping of extra shame and rejection upon an already vulnerable population.
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