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Bad pizza delivery? Don't dial 911

May 19th, 2013 2:40 pm by Staff Report

Bad pizza delivery? Don't dial 911

Who’s got the power?

The great meter mystery unfolded on Sequoyah Drive earlier this month when the Johnson City Power Board determined someone was stealing power by using a short length copper wire on an apartment unit’s electrical box missing a meter.

The Power Board removed the copper wire and sealed the unit. Police interviewed someone who denied involvement. The missing meter was found lying inside an apartment, and it was returned to its proper unit.

Sparks fly in road rage incident

The 4th of July arrived two months early when fireworks broke out during a road rage incident in north Johnson City.  

People gathered to watch when a driver shot a bottle rocket at another vehicle around midnight on May 5 near Camelot Circle.

The 21-year-old driver admitted to shooting the fireworks at another vehicle. Police took the rest of his fireworks and issued him a citation.

Man pets woman’s dog, takes lawn trimmer

Fido wasn’t much help when a thief struck a west Johnson City neighborhood on May 4.

A South North Street resident told police that when she went to investigate a noise outside, she saw a man leaning over her fence holding her dog.

She asked what he was doing, and he asked for someone she did not know. Turns out he had taken her lawn trimmer and had tried stealing her mower. He left in a green minivan.

Police later found the lawn trimmer with a Gray Street resident, who said she knew a woman who had dropped it off. What was she driving? A green minivan.

Drunken bystander interferes with mobile meth lab investigation

Police couldn’t get a break as they tried to get to the bottom of a mobile meth lab found in downtown Johnson City on May 3. A 48-year-old intoxicated woman was interfering with police during the probe near the intersection of West Main Street and Whitney Street.

She ignored orders to go inside, and police finally decided she was an unreasonable public annoyance and causing harm to herself while interfering with police investigation. She was jailed on a public intoxication charge.

Let’s go Dumpster diving

One man’s trash is apparently another man’s cash. Police were checking out a suspicious vehicle report on Southwest Avenue and saw the vehicle drive out by a large trash bin and go toward the intersection of Southwest and Boyd Street.

Seeing the driver was without her seat belt, police tried to stop the car, and it turned into South Side Elementary School’s parking area. A passenger got out and ran away, but police caught him at a nearby residence. In his pants was a brown and black glass pipe with a “green leafy residue.” The pair told police they had been looking for items to re-sell from trash bins in the area.

Soda can or bong?

Shopping with bloodshot eyes while swaying back and forth wasn’t the best plan for a man at a South Roan Street grocery store, especially with his handy dandy cola can turned marijuana bong in his car.

Police found him at Price Less Foods, 1950 S. Roan St., standing in front of his vehicle. He copped to drinking, and police found a half-empty bottle of Canadian Club whiskey in his car. An empty cola was beneath the drivers seat, and he told police he had used it to smoke marijuana earlier in the day.

HVAC units hot after break in

Residents in an apartment complex on Virginia Street might be feeling the heat, as two Trane HVAC units were stolen between April 1 and May 9. 

Both units are estimated to be $7,500 total.

Woman calls 911 personal complaint department

A 47-year-old Johnson City woman will have to find someone else to listen to her complain about local pizza store services. The woman called 911 on May 10 to complain about a Johnson City pizza store’s manager being rude to her. She also told police that a Jonesborough pizza store stopped delivering to her home because of her recent rudeness to one of their pizza deliverers. As it was her No. 5 non-emergency call to 911 in the past two weeks, an officer issued her a citation for abuse of 911. 

The Police Blotter is compiled from accounts from area police departments' and sheriff's offices' reports.

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