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Four’s fab fashions help children in need

May 18th, 2013 9:42 pm by Madison Mathews

Four’s fab fashions help children in need

Students at Indian Trail Intermediate School held a fashion show Thursday. All of the modeled clothing will be donated to children in need.

Rather than just writing about fashion, four Indian Trail Intermediate School students decided to put knowledge to use and design their own line of clothing, which will be donated to kids in need.

Sixth-graders Rachel Crawford, Jordan Minton, Mia Goins and Jori Veronick spent parts of their days for the past nine weeks repurposing old clothing and organizing the school’s first Eagle’s Closet Fashion Show.

“We decided to design our own clothes and make a fashion show out of it,” Minton said.

The girls contribute to an Eagle Hall newsletter at the school and decided to take their fashion know-how and put on a fashion show that would help other kids their age.

“It really hurts my heart that people out there don’t have as much as other people. I just want to help them out so they can have something. Helping people is a really good idea,” Goins said.

For weeks, the girls collected old clothes from fellow students and the lost and found and spent time adding fabric to some items, beads to other pieces and turned pants into shorts.

Minton said it was worth missing out on some of their normal school schedule in order to put the event together.

“It’s made coming to school a lot more fun and it was worth sacrificing our team time and our lunch in the cafeteria,” she said.

On Friday, about 10 Indian Trail students modeled all the newly designed clothing, which will be donated to other kids in need throughout the region through local churches.

The fashion show was attended by students from Eagle Hall.

Being able to put on such a fun event for fellow students during their final year at Indian Trail while giving back to those in need was the icing on the cake for the students who organized the fashion show.

“It makes you feel really good. It makes you feel that you have the ability to do anything if you can give back to people,” Crawford said.

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