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South Side Elementary students enjoy poetry with a 'pop'

May 15th, 2013 3:24 pm by Madison Mathews

South Side Elementary students enjoy poetry with a 'pop'

It’s always a big deal whenever a visiting author comes to visit and read to students at South Side Elementary School, and Tuesday was no different when the school welcomed retired educators as celebrities for a day.
Students were treated to poetry readings by former principal Amy Stover and retired teachers Jana Williams, Dolores Fredericks, Peggy Voitlein, Debbie Godsey and Liz Jones as part of this year’s Poetry with a Pop day.
The event is held each year by Mary Hollyfield, South Side’s librarian, and always features a visit by a different author.
This year, Hollyfield reached out to the retired educators to come back and read a variety of poems to students.
“We’ve had a lot of fun just looking at books that are in the library, picking poems to perform for the kids,” Stover said.
The poetry that was read Tuesday featured everything from humourous takes on fairy tales to favorite foods.
Stover said she and the other teachers hoped the students would learn that there are different types of poetry to check out at the school’s library.
“We’re doing poetry that’s really contemporary poetry that kids really like. Some of it’s a take on fairy tales,” she said. “We try to do some things that they can participate in, because they just love to do that.”
Getting a chance to join in on the fun was the best part for students, such as second-graders Bridger Jones and Erin Burcham.
“My favorite part was whenever we got to stand up and do the songs and other poetry. It was fun,” Jones said.
Burcham agreed about the fun part.
“My favorite part about it was when two of the teachers that used to work here got to play Little Red Riding Hood,” she said.
But the best part of the entire day, according to the students, was getting to see some of their favorite teachers again.
“It was nice to see our old principal and all the other teachers that used to work here and help us learn more,” Jones said.

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