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Local diners provide setting for Mother’s Day celebrations

May 12th, 2013 9:34 pm by Kayla Carter

Local diners provide setting for Mother’s Day celebrations

There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, but one of the most popular in Johnson City is taking mom to visit one of her favorite local eateries.
Libby Cooper drove from Kingsport to meet her family at Cafe Lola for a Mother’s Day brunch.
“We get to be together,” Libby said about the gathering of family. “It’s so hard to get everybody together. We came here last year for brunch and it was very nice.”
Her daughters Kristen Cornett and Elissa Wood surprised Libby with a couple thoughtful gifts and cards after their meal.
Elissa, who is a professional photographer, gave Libby a framed photo of her and her husband during their 50th wedding anniversary that was in February.
Kristen got her mom a bracelet with different colored beads that correspond with the birth months of family members.
“The bracelet has birthstones of all my daughters and their children and great grandchild,” Libby said with tears of joy in her eyes.
“Mom, when she celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, she explained that family is very, very important to her,” said Kristen, who was explaining why she chose the bracelet.
Kristen said she was excited to have spent the day with many of her relatives.
“As mom said, we have very busy schedules and kids going in all different directions, so even though we live close by we don’t get to see each other that often,” Kristen said. “It’s nice to get together and see each other.”
Up the road at Cafe One 11, Kara Pollock decided to take the family out to celebrate Mother’s Day and catch up with some friends who work at the restaurant.
Kara’s special guest and mother is Jenny Usher.
“It’s Mother’s Day and we don’t take enough time to spend with family so it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of that,” Kara said. “I’m happy to spend time with her and honor her for this holiday.”
Also happy to spend the holiday with mom was Cade and Carter Pollock.
Including sitting in the bleachers to watch them play baseball, Cade and Carter said Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate their mom for all she does.
“She cooks us dinner and takes care of us,” Cade said.
Good food and a good atmosphere is what makes a great family outing, Kara said.
“We’ve gotten to know the people here because we’ve come here for so long,” Kara said. “We appreciate them taking care of us for Mother’s Day.”
Walking back to the car after their traditional Mother’s Day meal, Mark Anderson said it was his idea to take the ladies of the house to Alta Cucina.
“It’s something different,” Mark said. “I really like this restaurant — we all like it.”
Mark’s wife Lynette Anderson said it’s wonderful to celebrate all her mother, Marie Selvo, has done for her family by taking her out for the day.
“We all live together so we have Mother’s Day every day,” Lynette said with a laugh. “She takes care of all of us.”
Lynette said she was also recognized by her son Jess Anderson, who gave her yellow roses for Mother’s Day.
“She does a lot for me so I like that I get to express that I’m grateful for what she does,” said Jess. “She’s a great mom.”

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