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Man pleads guilty to sex charges

August 28th, 2012 10:04 pm by Becky Campbell

Man pleads guilty to sex charges

A Jonesborough man pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington County Criminal Court to soliciting two teenage girls to have sex while he watched and masturbated.
Mars Allen Lockwood, 48, also told Judge Robert Cupp that he solicited oral sex from one of the teens, but it the act never happened.
Lockwood pleaded guilty to three counts of solicitation of aggravated statutory rape and one count of solicitation of sexual exploitation of a minor.
In the plea agreement, Lockwood received a total of eight years in prison. He is eligible for probation and has a hearing on that issue set on Oct. 4.
Lockwood was arrested in January after being questioned by Washington County Sheriff’s Investigator Jared Taylor. The investigation began after one of the girls’ father reported it after finding out from a religious contact of the girl.
Lockwood said the initial contact began after one of the teenagers showed him a text she had received from the other girl indicating “she would do anything” for the two girls to be together. The teen who received the text was 16 and the other girl was 14 at the time, he said.
He told the girl who received the text to tell the other one that she had to have sex with him first. Lockwood said there were probably “thousands” of texts between the two girls before anything occurred in his presence.
That happened when the 16-year-old helped him on a remodeling project and the younger girl came over and they spent the night together.
Lockwood said he slept on the floor beside the bed where the girls slept and over a period of a few hours watched them kiss and fondle.
During the hearing, Lockwood was clear on what happened, but was emotional as he relayed it all to Cupp. The judge commended him for being able to reveal the “embarrassing” events.
Lockwood has remained in jail on a $200,000 bond since his arrest. He said he has had no contact with either teen since then.

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