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ETSU students settling in on campus

August 23rd, 2012 9:49 pm by Nick Shepherd

ETSU students settling in on campus

Tractors and golf carts were zipping around the roads, some dragging trailers behind them. Carts full of items were being pushed and pulled up hills, through doors and into rooms.
East Tennessee State University students started moving into their dorm rooms on Thursday. The activity outside of the dorms resembled bees coming back to their hives. Hundreds of students were either moving into a dorm room for the first time or were there to help the incoming students with their belongings.
“I’m excited,” said freshman Michael Lee. “I’m excited to get out of my parent’s house and getting on my own. College will be different, but it’s a nice move.”
Lee is attending ETSU because of the university’s theater program. He is also double majoring in criminal justice. He said it was nice to have a university that offered both majors, and that ETSU’s theater program was the best program out of all the colleges he looked at.
Lee’s mother is not taking the move as well as her son. The family lives in Colorado, and this will be the first time he has been away from home.
“I’m excited for him, but it is a little difficult because he’s not from Tennessee, and this will be the last time we get to see him for a while,” said Kendra Lee. “I’m excited, but also anxious.”
Students had to sign in when they arrived at their dorms, and some had to find where their room was. Some students were just meeting their roommates for the first time, and trying to find out more about them.
The constant movement and activity left some students with their heads swimming. It was hard for them to think about leaving home for the first time, but the realization would hit them later.
“It feels a little like a hotel I guess,” said Richard Meriam. “I think it’s going to hit us tonight when we move in, and everything’s settled. That will be when we finally realize we’re on our now.”
Meriam is a freshman and will be majoring in physics. He is from Oak Ridge and feels like he could get used to living on his own quickly. His parents have let him stay by himself at his house when they went on vacations before, so he doesn’t think it will be that big of an adjustment for him.
All kinds of student organizations were on hand to help new students with their stuff. Fraternity and sorority chapters from around the campus were busy helping students with the big move. The help they offered did not go unnoticed.
“They have made moving in extremely comfortable,” said Calleigh Allen. “I didn’t touch a single one of my items and bring it in. Everyone else helped me bring it in. Everyone’s been extremely friendly. At other schools, they barely hold the door open for you, but here they barely let you carry anything in.”
She also thinks the help was nice because she will be able to recognize some of the faces around campus, and everybody won’t be a complete stranger to her. Allen said the transition would be made easier because she knows her roommate, but it still would be difficult for her leaving her parents behind.
Freshman moving in signaled the unofficial start to ETSU’s new semester. ETSU Pride week is also under way and will continue until Aug. 30. Classes will officially get under way Monday.

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